Who is John Cena playing in James Gunn's 'Suicide Squad' reboot?

Apr 21, 2019

In the words of the man himself: “My time is now!” And it might just be because John Cena is looking to join the Suicide Squad reboot.

Reports claim that Cena is in talks to join Idris Elba and Margot Robbie in Warner Bros.’ follow-up to the 2016 hit.

Of course, we all know that Margot is returning as Harley Quinn. Jai Courtney is also coming back as Captain Boomerang.

And at the beginning of this month, the studio decided to have Elba play a new undisclosed character instead of taking on Deadshot, a character portrayed by Will Smith in the first film. It was not known who Cena and Elba will be playing.

Until now. Well, at least for Cena.

It was Variety’s Justin Kroll who initially broke the news, and he’s not quite sure yet, but he has since fleshed out a few more details on Twitter. The biggest reveals? 1) The part was initially intended for Dave Bautista (or Batista in WWE), who had to turn it down because of scheduling conflicts; and 2) Cena is expected to take on the role of Christopher Smith, AKA the Peacemaker.

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Created by Joe Gill and Pat Boyette in 1966 for Charlton Comics, the Peacemaker was acquired by DC Comics in the mid-80s, although he was used quite sparingly over the last 3+ decades. He was “a pacifist diplomat so committed to peace that he was willing to use force to advance the cause.” Sound familiar? Well, Alan Moore used some aspects of the character for the basis of The Comedian in Watchmen.

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Although Warner Bros. itself hasn't officially confirmed the news, DC fans have technically ruled out other characters that Cena may play including King Shark, Blockbuster, Nemesis, and — get this — Polka Dot Man.

Peacemaker is a jacked marksman who specializes in advanced military weapon systems, so basically, every other John Cena character in Hollywood. The character could easily replace the position that Rick Flag served in the first film as well, assuming Joel Kinnaman doesn’t reprise his role.

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Going back to Dave Bautista being the first to be considered for the role, he just had to back out due to scheduling conflicts. On the day it was revealed that Gunn jumped on the helm of Suicide Squad 2, Bautista tweeted:

Bautista, who appeared in both of Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy films, defended the director after he was abruptly fired from the third entry in the megahit Marvel franchise for some tweets ages ago.

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