Interesting food and drinks to cure your hangover

Dec 26, 2018

After a long day and a really late night of partying and drinking, you’re going to need a quick way to get rid of that headache. It’s a good thing we’ve got some interesting remedies for you!


Who knew that this “junk” food could actually cure your hangover? Because of its saltiness, chips really do aid with rehydration, something we all need after a night of alcohol gulping. Still, don’t overdo it—and skip the spicy salsa!

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Banana with Honey

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Bananas are packed with potassium, an electrolyte you lose when you sweat and pee. Fructose, honey’s natural sugar, metabolizes alcohol. The total sugar in this snack combo sends glucose to the bloodstream quickly, so you feel less cranky, which may not mean much to you but, trust us, means a lot to those who have to suffer your company.

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Orange Juice

Did you know oranges also pack potassium? Well, when they’re metabolized, they have an acid-neutralizing effect, making them A+ hangover hydrators. Best to take oranges at room temperature, rather than chilled.

Everything Bagel with Fixings

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Bagels, which tend to be super salty, apparently also contain potassium (we’re seeing a lot of this mineral)! This round chunk of yeasted wheat dough helps replenish your body and makes you feel better. Add some cream cheese (and even bacon) for that additional dose of protein, and neutralize the irritating acids that alcohol leaves in your body. We got a little bit hungry talking about this one.


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Soda helps alleviate dehydration. The caffeine in Coke not only constricts the brain’s blood vessels but also helps curb a pounding headache. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on some Coke from Mexico, even better. Their version of Coke is sweetened with plain ol’ sugar, which raises your body’s glucose levels even faster than conventional sodas.

Tomato Juice

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Tomato juice is an electrolyte solution with nice and healthy complex carbs which improve blood sugar, with longer-lasting results than simple sugars in soda, because these deliver sodium and potassium into your system quickly.

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