Here's how you can take your friendship to the next level on Valentine's Day

Jan 31, 2019

You and your lady friend have been hanging out quite a lot: hitting the cinemas, chillnuman late at night, working out in the same gym—you’re practically doing everything together. The only problem is you’re not TOGETHER.

As it turns out, your feelings have grown into something more. But it’s wrong, isn’t it? You’re friends. Maybe that’s all you should ever be. But the butterflies in your stomach say otherwise. You have to let your feelings out. Keeping it in any longer feels like you might explode. And it just so happens that it’s almost Valentine’s Day, the stars aligning for you to finally admit how you feel, and maybe take your relationship to the obvious next level.

First of all, good on you! You’ve finally decided to grow a pair. At least that’s what we think, otherwise, why are you here?

Now, you can’t just say it outright without all the necessary things. You need to make this perfect, so she’d have no choice but to say “yes” to you. But you’re stumped and don’t know what to get her and how to make the moment more memorable.

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Well, you’ve come to the right place, friend. But, before you do anything you’ll regret, you need to make sure of a few things:

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  • You’re both single (obviously)
  • You’ve saved up for this very moment (just in case)
  • You’re willing to put in the work and effort
  • You’ll accept her “no” (if that moment comes)
  • You’re willing to put your friendship on the line (because you may never go back to that)

If you’re good with everything, let’s get right to it.

Write her a letter

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If you suddenly feel like saying “no way” to this, that’s probably why you’re single. It may sound corny and cheesy to you, but it’s the next best thing to writing a poem or a song for her. That would be too much (at least for now). So you have to write her a letter. It doesn’t have to be on any special kind of paper nor do you need a special pen to write it with. You can go get a pad paper right now, and just start writing.

Start with how you guys met way back, and how you began going out a lot. Try to picture everything like it was just a while ago. Write that plus how you felt in those moments. The most crucial part: write about the moment you realized that you want to be more than friends. And, of course, end it with “Will you be my Valentine, and my always?” or something to that effect.

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Pro tip: you might want to attach pictures of when you were together.

Make a playlist on Spotify (or a mixtape!)

We’re probably done with making mixtapes, but if you can, you should! It’s more of an intimate and personal approach when you provide those cheesy commentaries before and after songs play. But, if you can’t, just list down some songs that remind you of her, or, better yet, list down songs that were playing while you were together. For example, you two were eating at a pub with live music, and the band played a song that you both loved and sang to. Long story, short, each song has to have a meaning to at least one of you (better if both of you) because that’s what she’ll remember.

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Go camping

Now, of course, this is exclusively for you and your lady friend in case you like to go on adventures together. Sure, you‘ve been hiking different mountains, but that’s usually it. You climb up, you stay for a little while to take pictures and enjoy the view, and you come back down again. Now, a cool way to make the most out of your trip is to go camping. Build a bonfire and lay down under the stars. From there, it’s up to you how you’re going to tell her how you feel. But with that kind of setting, it might be hard for her to say “no.”

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Buy her a book

This is simple enough. You don’t even have to work so much. As long as you have a budget depending on the book you’re going to buy. Instead, you should focus on what kind of book you’re going to give her. Here, you have (at least) three options:

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  • A book that best describes you or what you like. Think of it as a piece of yourself that you want to give to her. Pro tip: if you like true crime books as we do, better keep that to yourself.
  • A book that best describes how you see her. If she’s into writing or reading poetry, maybe you should give her one that she hasn’t read before. It would be extra special if you pick a certain poem in the book that reminds you of her.
  • A book that best describes your relationship together. We’re pretty sure there are novels in bookstores everywhere that particularly deal with a male protagonist who just can’t tell his female friend how he feels. Heck, maybe you can even copy what that protagonist did that got the girl to fall in love with her. But then again, that’s fiction.

Sing to her

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Of course, this may not apply if you can’t actually sing. If you know you can’t, move on to our other suggestions.

Now, this is how you’re going to do it: take her out eating like you normally would. Go eat in a place where there’s a band playing. Usually, the waiters will give you a pen and paper to write your requests. This is not illegal, so go write the specific song you have in mind along with a note with your name on it that you want to jam with the band. Wait until they call you out, get up on stage, tell everyone that it’s for your lady friend, and sing your heart out. Worst case scenario: she leaves you while you’re on stage, but at least the crowd will love your singing.

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