Game of Thrones fans demand a Season 8 do-over, asap

May 20, 2019

AND, finally, there was peace and quiet in the Realm. At least, that's how things went down onscreen as Game of Thrones stumbled into its yawner of an ending today.

Truth is, fans are understandably ambivalent not only about the series finale, but also a final season that many felt was half-baked and rushed.

In the end, a new status quo has been established. Someone has to abruptly die for that to happen. And an X-Man is installed the new queen in the North. The hero gets exiled with the direwolf he thought he got rid off for good. And someone again forgot that the esteemed Lords and Ladies of Westeros never drank bottled water back in the day.

Oops, our bad: In case you haven’t watched the GoT finale yet, maybe you shouldn’t be reading this.

Of course, fans vent on social media whenever they feel crossed by a show beloved by them for years. And GoT fans who’ve tuned in from the very start of the show have different takes about the show’s finale are no different.

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Already, over a million of them have already signed an online petition for the writers to re-do the entirety of season 8. Who knows maybe Arya finds the showrunners in her journey to discover what's beyond Westeros. Somehow, we think fans won't like their response either.

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In the meantime, we have all these to help us make sense of the whole thing...

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Do you think she deserves it?

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Reminds us of something

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This shot wasn’t enough to save her

A wild water bottle appeared

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Sorry, not sorry

No one can just hate this guy

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Reunited and it feels so good

He deserved it

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Now you know everything

He was GoT’s Professor X

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Everything felt heavy

Still, thank you, GoT

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