The angriest Twitter reactions to 'Game of Thrones' upsetting new episode

May 6, 2019

WARNING: Major spoilers for Game of Thrones: Season 8, Episode 4 below. So, if you're serious about dodging them because you haven’t seen today's show yet, proceed no further.

Game of Thrones faked out everyone again.

Last week's episode saw diminutive assassin Arya Stark scoring a deadly war-clinching strike at the fearsome Night King's gut. The ultimate in fan service, some insiders called this iconic TV moment, in an episode already loaded with crowd-pleasing turns.

But the euphoria over those soaring highs proved to be fleeting as some plot beats in today's episode didn't sit well with millions of the show's followers.

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This post-Battle of Winterfell episode, "The Last of the Starks," starts off with a much-deserved victory party. A night of merrymaking where awkward conversations and jealous stares are exchanged while uncomfortable repartees (a half-baked marriage proposal, for one), and tension-melting hook-ups happen all around.

As shindigs in Westeros go, this one's thankfully quite fun for a change.

But then it all goes maddening from there.

TL;DR version: Rhaegal, one of the two remaining dragons of Queen Daenerys, plummets to its death and Dany's best pal, Missandei, gets executed by the Mountain on orders of the show's ultimate big bad Queen Cersei.

These major blows, obviously, left fans infuriated and stunned. Look:

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Viewers also complained about arguably the poor treatment of some of GOT's secondary plotlines.

Jon sends off his ever-loyal but petting-bereft direwolf, Ghost, to the lands beyond the Wall with wildling best bud Tormund, who lost his battle for Ser Brienne of Tarth's affection to romantic rival Jaime Lannister the night before.

Then Jaime, who hasn't quite shaken off his addiction to lover and twin sister Cersei, abruptly leaves Winterfell and Brienne and rushes off to King's Landing.

Behind Queen Dany's back, meanwhile, cunning politicians Tyrion and Varys debate about their queen's state of mind and claim to the throne in light of the spread of Jon's true identity.

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At this point, no one should no longer be surprised that things always go horribly wrong in Westeros first before something worth-celebrating comes along.

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Also, can somebody explain how a Starbucks cup even made it into this scene?

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But despite all these distressing moments happening in the lead up to the ultimate battle in King's Landing next week, we hope the final episodes of HBO's massive hit show manage to iron out the kinks and bad calls that, judging by today's angry reactions, have touched many a sore point with GOT's loyalists.

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The Twitterati are keeping their fingers crossed.

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