This private jet and pilot crew allow Mayweather to go wherever and whenever he wants

Apr 5, 2019

ABOARD his multi-million private jet, boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. can go anywhere in the world anytime he wants.

His pilots AJ Ramey, Dan Booth, and Gentry Long, who are always on standby, are tasked to fly the Air Mayweather, and they’re enjoying every minute of it.

On Wednesday during the SV private Party hosted by Frontrow CEO Sam Verzosa and Frontrow International president RS Francisco at Corinthian Gardens in Quezon City, Mayweather told a handful of reporters how he treats his team as his family.

“I’ve built friendship with these guys, I don’t look at them as just employees, these are my friends, family,” said Mayweather, who eventually called Booth and Long to join the press conference.

“We talk, we communicate, they’re part of my life so they have to enjoy the experiences also,” he added. “They can’t just fly and don’t be able to enjoy the experience.”

On Tuesday, Mayweather’s entourage went to the island of Boracay and he played beach volleyball along with his pilots.

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Booth and Long shared to how it’s like to be the pilot for the retired undefeated champion.

In the past 24 months, they have been to 24 countries and even the two of them are guessing where their next destination could be.

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“I won’t even call him a boss ‘cause he’s more of a friend,” said Booth, who’s been with The Money Team for two years. “Hanging with Floyd, traveling the world it’s more of a family mentality because, that’s the kind of person he is.”

“He’s very generous, he takes care of us very well and he just wants us around and he’s nice to be around because we live life to the fullest with him and that’s a lot of fun,” Captain Booth continued.

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People do not acknowledge “Little Floyd”. They do not recognize “Pretty Boy Floyd”. All they see is the “Money Mayweather” persona, the luxurious lifestyle and think that this was handed to me. Before the jets, yachts, Bugatti’s etc., I was always on my grind. I fought my way from poverty to the top; I am often scrutinized for being cocky or arrogant, but I have every right to be! When you put the hard work, dedication, focus & determination into a craft over a lifetime, great results usually reflects. We now live in a world where everyone wants instant gratification. I worked extremely hard my entire life, retired undefeated, made great investments, and I deserve to live an incredible lifestyle! Photo Credit: @jamielynn

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Booth pointed out that although Mayweather has been so nice and generous to them, they remain professional especially during “working hours”.

“I should say that it is a job, once the [plane] door closes and it’s time to fly the airplane that’s when our job really starts,” he said.

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Long, being the newest in the team for over a year, couldn’t agree more.

“It’s a job first, for us we take it a hundred-percent serious,” he said.

“We love our job so much,” he added. “Look at this, we get to experience beautiful countries around the world with him. We’re part of his family, his great team, it’s just beautiful experience.”

While most people who don’t know him see Mayweather as a cocky and arrogant person, his pilots immediately came to his defense.

“Floyd, he has a different, I guess, moods you might say,” said Booth. “Because when he’s out here doing his promotional stuff he has that side, when he’s promoting his fighters he has that side, back in the day when he was in the ring he was doing that thing. Now he’s living retired life, he’s enjoying it.”

“But it’s really neat to experience him one on one because he’s a very genuine person and that’s what most people don’t see and it’s unfortunate that most people don’t see it but we’re lucky to see it,” he added.

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After the press conference a party organized for the boxing superstar followed immediately.

International and locals celebrities were invited, and Mayweather said that his pilots can enjoy the night.

“So we had a party and we’re not flying out [yet], they can have a drink,” he said.

Booth and Long credited Ramey for their jobs.

Ramey, their chief pilot, has been with Mayweather for five years.

“He’s our friend and it’s just kind of word of mouth,” shared Long. “He offered Dan the job first, he’s two years before I was and I’m going on a year with Air Mayweather and what a blessing this job is.”

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