Here are some tips on dressing to impress on your first date

Jan 7, 2019

IT'S the New Year and you’ve finally decided to admit to your crush how you feel about them. Assuming everything went according to plan, the two of you are finally going out on your first date. You couldn’t be more excited, but because of getting way too enthusiastic about meeting her, you forget to think of what to wear. You’re certainly not wearing those pambahay shorts and your favorite tropical button-down shirt, are you?

Yes, as men, we do have it easier when it comes to putting together an outfit, but more often than not, we do screw up in making the first impression. Throwing something on at random at the last minute is the biggest mistake you could ever make.

But fear not, gentlemen, for we’ve rounded up some of the simple style tips for you to follow. Listen up. Here’s how you make sure you nail that first date.

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Fit. Fit. Fit.

We’re not saying you need to go to the gym. We mean you should make sure that you find clothes that perfectly fit you. That means not wearing jeans that are too baggy or shirts that are too tight. The last thing your date wants is to be distracted by your sloppy getup. Remember: you should wear the clothes, and not have the clothes wear you.

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Sometimes, the smallest details are the ones that can make or break you, so make sure you check every aspect of your look before you leave the house. Make sure wrinkles are completely ironed out, every piece of lint is brushed, and the right amount of buttons opened. Sure, your date will appreciate how neat and proper you look, but it’s all about having confidence in yourself.

The setting

Are you and your date walking at the beach early in the morning or are you going to a club late at night? Whatever the time and location is, you have to associate that into your outfit. Obviously, you shouldn’t wear your basketball sneaks to the beach, and wear a sando at a bar. No. Imagine the atmosphere of the place and wear that. You and your date being on the same page outfit-wise can instantly get you points on that all-important first impression.

Dos and Don’ts

While we may all have various tastes and preferences when it comes to style, there are still some strict rules you should keep in mind before meeting your possible soulmate.


  • Dark or neutral colors: Think gray, black, white, and navy. De-emphasized colors will make your entire look not only grounded, but also sophisticated. The same thing applies to your pants. If you’re going for jeans, make sure they’re dark wash always. This puts the focus on you and not on what you’re wearing. You can save the lighter, and more liberated colors for walks on the beach or a picnic.
  • Cologne: Putting on the right amount of cologne is vital, especially in making a good impression. You’ll want her to ask you what you’re wearing. Just spritz on your favorite scent, preferably one inside your shirt, and one outside along the neck. That’s enough to make a subtle impact with your taste. Don’t overdo it.
  • Neat and clean shoes: Overlooking the importance of shoes is a common mistake. If you’re wearing something a little dressy, some black or brown shoe polish should do the trick and make them look brand new. If you’re kicking it with some sneaks, you need to make sure the signs of wear are gone, especially if they’re white.
  • Quality underwear: Let’s just say our style tips and your irresistible charm worked wonders, and your first date moved up to the bedroom, you don’t want to be the guy in the tighty-whities with the bacon garter. Again, keep with the neural theme that perfectly fits you. And even if the clothes never do come off, it’s better to be focused on your date than on your wedgie.
  • Watch your watch: On a first date, you should never, ever forget putting on a nice watch. It doesn’t have to be super expensive. Of course, you should wear one with a metallic strap for a slight high-class dinner, and a sporty one for a casual meet-up. Having a watch just makes the whole get up look more put together, don’t you think?
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  • Hats or sunglasses: Unless you will be directly under the sun for the majority of your first date, hats and/or sunglasses are out. Wearing these items will make you appear uninterested or hiding something. They give you a closed-off impression and makes you unapproachable.
  • Break that tie: First dates should make everyone feel comfortable and at ease. And ties, don’t really do that, do they? They feel stuffy and a little bit too serious for a date. If you’re going on a dressy dinner date, a button-down shirt and suit will do. Leave that tie at home.
  • Hoodies: Seriously, hoodies make you seem lousy and unprepared. You want your date to know you put effort and thought into your outfit. If for some reason you’re going somewhere cold with your date, put on a sweater or a denim jacket instead. Save your hoodie for a fever.
  • Cancel prints: Not wearing prints doesn’t mean your outfit will look boring, you know. If you’re trying to show your fun and carefree personality through your clothes, maybe you can start with some printed socks and try not to work your way up. If you think you’re a really humorous person, you should let your conversation skills do that for you, and not your clothes.
  • Flip those flip flops: No one wants to see toenails on a first date no matter how neatly trimmed they are. Even if the date is super casual and on a bright sunny day, you should go for loafers or moccasins instead. Trust us.
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