Sexy Chefs teach you how to eat and feel healthy

Dec 14, 2018

WHEN we talk about slimming down these days, misconceptions usually point to either bumming yourself out in working out or starving yourself to death.

Numerous videos (and clickbait articles) supposedly sharing the secrets of losing weight have been made available online, although the validity of each, as with many things in the Internet, remains in question.

We're convinced though that, when it comes to the topic of shedding excess pounds the healthy way, nothing is more credible than getting pointers from natural food enthusiasts, like sexy chefs and local health food industry pioneers Rachel Alejandro and Barni Alejandro-Rennebeck.

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The term isn't just complimentary; aside from being noticeably fit, the sisters really know their stuff when it comes to healthy eating and smarter food choices. And to share their knowledge, Rachel and Barni introduced their newest paperback offering, The Sexy Chef Cookbook: Eat Clean Love, after their national bestseller, The Sexy Chef Cookbook.

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We recently caught up with the two during the book's launch wherein we ask for their thoughts on several diet myths.

Read on and learn a thing or two from our exclusive interview with the two!


Barni: "It's really going to slow down your metabolism. When you starve your body, your body will react (and) will start to protect itself then it's going to store fat. So, in the end, you're actually ruining your metabolism. You're slowing it down at mas tataba ka pa."

"The best thing to do is to eat food at the right time, and the right portions, and foods that boost the metabolism. Instead of removing foods from your diet, you should know what kinds of food you should incorporate... and it will be more efficient in fat-burning."

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Barni: "I don't believe that, kasi babalik ka rin eh. It's going to become an unending cycle. it's like, 'Magda-diet ako from Monday to Friday, pero lalamon ako Saturday and Sunday.' So, whatever that you lost during the week, you'll gain it back during the weekend. So if your goal is to lose weight, you're just looping around, you're not actually really losing weight."

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Rachel: "I think there are lots of gym-goers that will attest to the fact that if they don't change anything in the way that they eat, weight loss is practically impossible. 80-percent kasi ang nutrition eh, 20-percent lang talaga ang workout."

"For me, the role of exercise is for cardiovascular strength, cardiovascular fitness, to maintain a healthy heart and, number two, especially if you do muscle-building and weight-bearing exercises, in the long-term will maintain lean muscle. And when you have more muscle in your body, you burn more (calories)."


Rachel: "(In the case of other diet food delivery services), when you have food like hotdogs, bacon, mga little kakanins that are high in sugar, they include that, but they make it small. Ipinapasok lang nila sa calorie count."

Barni: "Pero you're starving! Kasi ang liliit talaga ng portions! Because you can actually have fried rice na punung-puno ng gulay, that's actually 350 calories, and then you can have a small ensaymada that's also 350 calories. Parehong 350 calories; which one will make you feel full?"

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Rachel: "And it's not just about being full also. Because 'yung reaction nung katawan sa ensaymada, at dun sa kanin na maraming gulay, magkaiba. The ensaymada will spike up the blood sugar and that's what causes weight gain."


Barni: "Kasi right now, ang trend, it's no longer kailangan low-fat 'yan, low-calorie. Now, just eat real food, eat fresh food. Stay away from canned goods, and processed meat. Like if you're going to have a burger, then make sure (it has no) mystery meat (laughs), and you know that it's made out of real beef, real chicken. Try to avoid what they call 'fake food.'"

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Rachel: "Especially when a food says it's low-fat, sugar-free, titignan mo rin... they put something else na possibly it's not something that the body will react to."


Barni: "You'll never really continue eating something na ayaw mo; it's not realistic. You can probably force yourself to eat salad everyday, but after a while magsasawa ka talaga. So, with a little effort, with a little creativity... you don't have to eat salad or grilled chicken everyday. You can have pizza, adobo, a burrito, tinola, you just cook it in a healthy way, by using fresh, wholesome ingredients. You'll maintain a healthy weight."

"You don't have to deprive yourself. Tsaka 'yun nga, 'pag masarap 'yung kinakain mo, you'll most likely stick to the diet program. Kunwari meat-eater ka talaga, mahilig ka kumain ng beef, don't do a vegan program, because you won't last. Kailangan it's what you enjoy."

Rachel: "How you normally eat. Don't do something that's so alien; kung ano 'yung gusto mo talaga. Lifetime commitment ang healthy lifestyle."

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Grab a copy of The Sexy Chef Cookbook: Eat Clean Love which features 60 delicious-yet-healthy recipes, available in bookstores, newsstands, convenience stores and supermarkets nationwide for only P295.

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