Is CM Punk finally returning to pro wrestling?

Apr 22, 2019
PHOTO: WWE Raw Facebook Page

EVERYONE'S favorite WWE rebel and MMA fighter (maybe not), CM Punk, may have quietly returned to his roots of pro wrestling. Wondering why no one’s talking about it? Well, Punk flew under the radar, just like he promised three years ago.

First, on April 18th, Punk liked a tweet from Dave Prazak, who was promoting MKE Wrestling’s last event at the Knights of Columbus in West Allis, Wisconsin, which would take place on the very next night, Friday, the 19th of April. Dave Prazak and Punk’s friendship dates back to the latter’s independent wrestling days before he entered, and catapulted himself to superstardom in the WWE.

Punk liked the tweet seen below from Ace Steel and the quoted tweet from Dave Prazak:

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But why would this lead to anyone believing that Punk would ever do an independent wrestling show? Well, Punk did an interview for ESPN’s Russillo & Kanell Show in 2016, where he said that he would absolutely never return to WWE, BUT would not rule out doing something under the radar.

“You never know, I could pop up here and there,” he added. “It’s not going to even be televised, it’s going to be me in a ninja f–king outfit wrestling one of my buddies and nobody’s ever going to know.”

But we do know, Mr. Punk! In the clip below, some dude in an all black entered the ring to deliver a trademark move of Punk, the “Go To Sleep” or the GTS. It’s not a ninja outfit, though. One noticeable thing about this hooded and masked man is that he did not move like Punk, nor did he hit the GTS with an oomph like Punk, but that’s what you would do if you really want to throw fans off.

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Although we’ve got some news for you, wrestling fans: it may actually be him!

A guy named Brett, who’s from Wisconsin, posted a photo on Instagram of himself with CM Punk, who just happens to be in the area. Take note, the MKE event was in the same state. Then you just look at what Punk is wearing in this photo, and you look at the video again. Tell us if it’s not at all the same.

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If you need help with that, just look at this.

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Oh, and, uh, promoter and wrestler, Silas Young, tweeted that it was really Punk.

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PHOTO: WWE Raw Facebook Page
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