Bray Wyatt takes a darker turn in his WWE TV comeback

Apr 25, 2019

On a night where a dream match between current WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins and one of the newest RAW superstars in AJ Styles, someone else had all the attention to himself: Bray Wyatt.

Nobody has seen Wyatt on TV since August of last year when he and “Woken” Matt Hardy had to lose their RAW Tag Team Championships because of the latter’s injury. Of course, people wondered where he went since he really didn’t have any reason to leave.

Then, news spread like wildfire that they were destroying his character and possibly creating a new one. For years, he was the influential cult leader that took the WWE by storm, calling his followers “fireflies,” a following so strong that he went on to defeat five men — AJ Styles, John Cena, Dean Ambrose, The Miz, and Baron Corbin — inside the Elimination Chamber to become WWE Champion.

Then he appeared in house shows late December and into January. This led people to speculate that he might come back between Royal Rumble and WrestleMania. Of course, none of this happened. And there wasn’t anything different about him, and fans saw that his persona hasn’t changed. He still had his lantern with him every time he walked into the ring. He still did the same moves and antics.

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Until this Monday. Bray Wyatt re-appeared out of nowhere. But this time, he was wearing a red sweater, some khaki pants, and his braided hair was tied up in a messy bun. He even neatly chopped a huge amount of his beard.

Doing his best Mr. Rogers impression, he welcomed us into the Firefly Fun House, that had the same vibe with every other kid's TV show, complete with sounds of kids in the background. He introduced us to Mercy The Buzzard, a nod to Waylon Mercy, the ‘80s wrestler that inspired the Bray Wyatt character. Then, there was Abi The Witch, who is most likely Sister Abigail in the form of a doll.

You know what, it’s best that you watch it for yourself.

Eerily amazing, right?

It’s, by far, one of the most outrageous characters we've seen in a while. Despite the pastel colors and the “lighthearted kid's show” concept, the segment portrayed the maniacal Wyatt to be even darker and scarier than his former avatar.

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It definitely a good refresher for Bray ever since WWE booking drove his character six feet underground. Plus, Bray has got us all intrigued. It’s got immense potential to find new, demented ways to reintroduce just how vile Bray really is. It can actually lead to something wholly entertaining if it’s booked properly. All WWE Creative needs to do now is to not drop the ball on it. But then again, that’s what they’re known for.

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