Our Top 5 picks for the best WWE entrances in recent history

Apr 27, 2019

SOMETIMES, what can make or break you in the wrestling business is your character. Aside from the promos you cut, and the moveset you possess, the ultimate presentation of your persona comes from one thing: your entrance.

When you pop out from behind those curtains, the live audience right there and then decide if they like you or not. Sometimes, it’s your music. Sometimes, it’s your walk toward the ring. Most of the time, it’s the combination of both. The wildcards? Those we haven’t seen in a looong time that suddenly come from outta nowhere, and the only reaction we have left to express is pure and utter amazement.

Of course, we’ll say it right now: there’s no one better at doing this than Triple H. That’s why he’s not on this list. That would be unfair. All of his entrances deserve a rundown of their own.

So, these are our top five picks of WWE entrances in recent history.

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5. Shane McMahon - Monday Night Raw

Shane was gone a while, and with the McMahon’s being dictator-like authority figures, it’s no surprise that he got a huge POP when his theme music hit. Being the only McMahon that the WWE Universe loves (until recently), everyone danced and cheered as Shane made his way to the ring to confront his sister and father. He even got a little emotional because of the warm welcome he got in Detroit.

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4. Aleister Black - NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III

When you combine a rock band performing a wrestler’s entrance theme, it’s pretty much bound to be a win. The exact same thing happened to the Dutch Destroyer. Aleister Black rose from the smokey stage as Incendiary and Code Orange rocked out to “Root of All Evil.”

3. Bobby Robert Roode - NXT TakeOver: Toronto

Classy. Artsy. Church-y. Those are the three main words to describe Bobby Robert Roode and his theme, “Glorious Domination.” And that was even truer when he had a choir assemble an intro for him. And then, of course, the WWE Universe sang along. Wait . . . There’s one word we might’ve forgotten: GLORIOUS!

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2. Sting - Survivor Series 2014

People knew that at some point, WCW icon, Sting, would finally appear on WWE soil. He’d already signed a contract and all. The only question left unanswered was “when?”. And at Survivor Series 2014, the WWE Universe got their answer. With Triple H interfering in the match between Team Authority and Team Cena, the Vigilante, had to hand out his brand of justice.

1. Matt & Jeff Hardy - WrestleMania 33

There were some extreme speculations about The Hardys returning to the WWE after spending a lot of years in the indies. But it was a well-guarded secret as to how and when they actually came back. And at WrestleMania 33, when The New Day announced that there was one more team left to compete, we finally got our answer. The “DELETE” chants echoed in the entire arena as Matt and Jeff finally touched back down to the WWE Universe.

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