3 Condom myths you really need to stop believing now

Oct 15, 2019
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If you consider yourself sexually active, chances are you're familiar with the types of contraceptives that are available on the market right now. That said, not everyone really knows the ins and outs of keeping themselves protected in the heat of the moment.

Let's start with condoms. There are a number of myths about them that some guys believe to this day. They’re untrue at best, and dangerous at worst. Here are a few that you may want to rethink:

Condoms can be stored in your wallet.

Opportunity can be a surprise visitor. You probably already take your wallet everywhere with you, so storing a condom in there sounds logical, right?

Wrong. Storing a condom next to your cash and credit cards may wear it out. The constant rubbing and friction as you move around, combined with the heat from your body and wallet, can cause the condom to become brittle and weak. Even if the packaging looks fine on the outside, the condom could still have microscopic holes and tears that may reduce its effectiveness. To avoid this, it’s best to store your condoms in cool, dry, and dark places.

Two condoms are better than one.

If one condom is safe, then two should make your intercourse foolproof, right? Hold on. Before you go about double-bagging on the protection, you should know that using two condoms at the same time can actually make things worse. Remember what we said about friction causing condoms to wear out? The same thing applies here. Two condoms rubbing up against one another during intercourse may lead to breakage.

Condoms reduce pleasure.

Perhaps a big reason for unplanned pregnancies is that some guys prioritize pleasure over protection, thinking that condoms reduce the sensations they feel during intercourse. But did you know that condoms can make you last longer before reaching orgasm? That’s not only good news for your partner; it also means that the payoff is better for you as well.

There's a variety of condoms to choose from depending on you and your partner’s tastes. That includes enhancing your sexual pleasure—be it through different textures and sensations. If you’re not sure where to look, Premiere has condoms for every need and every occasion, ready to be your partner for safe and confident sex.

Safe doesn’t have to mean boring—and knowing how to keep yourself protected is just as important as having a good time.

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