Your three-move routine for a Captain America-shaped butt

May 15, 2019

CAPTAIN America's "most valuable posterior" award is well-deserved. That means there were no shortcuts taken to sculpt the most talked about butt in America today. You can even say he did whatever it took to legitimately earn the recognition it, um, cheekily received in the close to $2.5-billion earning Avengers: Endgame.

How did it make you feel?

If you're one of those flat-bottomed or saggy-bummed men who begrudgingly checked themselves out in the mirror at some point after seeing the blockbuster, we're hoping your reaction's one of optimism. Because that tells us you're just about ready to bust out and finally take your glute days at the gym more seriously.

Golds' Gym Fitness Ambassador Enzo Bonoan can't stress enough the importance of putting in the work. "Our posterior is a part of our core, which promotes stability and explosion in various movements," he says. “Whether it be running, jumping, lifting, or holding a plank, you always have to engage your core.”

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The science of it is this: Our gluteus maximus, the so-called chief anti-gravity muscle, is the largest muscle in the human body, responsible for keeping the trunk of our bodies in check.


Bonoan, who's also a transformation coach at Extra Rise MNL, says that having strong glutes guarantees better performance and keeps injuries at bay. On top of that, countless studies and surveys have shown that not only men but also women appreciate nice butts of the opposite sex.

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If that's not motivation enough, we asked Coach Enzo to drop a little knowledge on how to effectively to build a gloriously superheroic backside. He suggests this three-move routine to help us with us our cause.

Barbell Back Squats

You want to make sure that the weight you’ll be carrying is something you’re comfortable with but will challenge you as well. You have to find balance between the two. “The deeper you go, the more you get to engage more of the glutes,” Coach Enzo explains. “This is also a total leg developer.”

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Hip Thrusts

This exercise is actually one of coach Enzo’s favorites because it puts more emphasis on the glutes. “When going heavy, use a pad to support the weight,” advises coach Enzo. “This will hurt if you don't have one.”

Romanian Deadlift

“A total posterior chain developer,” Coach Enzo says of this exercise. “This will give your glutes a good stretch and squeeze. It's also one of his favorite moves because it works our erectors and the hamstrings, too. His tip for maximum gain: "Always squeeze your butt cheeks to ensure peak contraction."

Do three sets of these exercises and 8 to 12 reps for each set depending on your fitness level.

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