You may have been washing your face wrong all this time

Jan 21, 2019

We’re all accustomed to washing our face with water and whatever soap we have at home. So, what’s wrong with that? Just about everything. Your average bar of soap is mostly alkaline. While that’s okay for removing dirt, it strips your skin of moisture, leaving your mug tight, and even itchy.

Washing your face should give you a clean and fresh slate, not dry out your skin or leave it too oily. You should consult a derma with what face wash suits your skin type. After that, come back here for our procedure breakdown on how to properly wash your face. Take notes.

Wash 'em

  1. Wash your own hands thoroughly
  2. Splash lukewarm water on your face
  3. Add a small amount of face wash to your fingertips
  4. Gently rub your face in a circular motion (outwards from the center)

It’s important to give yourself at least 30 seconds or more to do step number 5. Pay close attention to your forehead and nose, and get in all the dents and creases. Don’t forget your (nonexistent) jawline and neck, your hairline, and, of course, behind your ears, one of the most forgotten parts to wash.

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Splash 'em

Okay, now you have suds all over your face, and the obvious next step is to splash it off with fresh lukewarm water. Make sure there are no residues left, especially around your beard or mustache, the edges of your jaw or the temples.

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WARNING: A build-up of face wash or soap can block pores and encourage breakouts. You don’t want that, do you?

Dab 'em

A clean towel is 100% essential, and it’s not something you just ignore. Too often, the towels we grab have been overly used already. And one of the common mistakes when drying up your freshly washed face is rubbing and scrubbing it dry. That is completely wrong because that can cause serious damage to your skin. Instead, dab your face. Not that kind of dab. Just pat your face dry. We know, it takes a little longer, but you’ll thank us later.

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Added Tip: Exfoliation

Once, or maybe even twice a week if you’re desperate, you should exfoliate. The process of removing dead skin cells will leave your mug feeling fresher, cleaner, and a whole lot smoother.

The good news is that it’s easy to do. You just need a facial cleanser that, of course, your derma knows will work fine for whatever skin you have. Apply it like you do the face wash. Just go back and follow those steps again. We can’t stress this enough: pay attention to the crevices and wrinkles on your face to make sure you’re helping unclog your pores.

Always remember to consult a dermatologist first before doing anything to your skin. Ask what kind of skin you have, and what kind of products will work fine for your kind of skin. After that, you can follow our simple steps above. Happy face wash!

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