Buzzcut for ballers? Find the hairstyle that's fit for your personality through this guide

Oct 26, 2017

BECAUSE men don’t usually wear makeup or fancy accessories on their face, it’s a given that we don’t really have much to work with besides our hair.

This makes choosing what haircut you should get all the more important, since that’s what most people notice at first glance.

Here’s a few observations noticed by Santos, one of Slickville Barber’s most sought-after hairstylists, about the customers that go in and out of their shop to help you decide what haircut best fits you

1) Pompadour

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We all know that pompadour’s hella popular with millennials these days. The hairdo itself has a lot of personality and versatility, which makes it easy to style the way you want. “Maraming mga artistang ganyan yung buhok kasi malaki siya and maganda tingnan,” says Santos. Its volume just attracts all the attention you could ever want. Just be sure to be extra charming to the ladies if you want to truly own that fuccboi aesthetic.

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2) Barber’s cut

This has always been a staple haircut for most people because of its simple yet elegant appearance. “Madalas mga nagtratrabaho na yung nagpapaganyang haircut kasi mabilis siyang ayusin,” says Santos. This haircut is perfect for those busy, on-the-go people working nine to five jobs who don’t have enough time to go through the hassles of styling. A quick comb and some mousse is all you need to still be presentable after presenting a dozen meetings to your clients.

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3) Trim

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This look exudes confidence and commands the attention of people admiring your clean cut. “Mga politicians at mga CEO yung madalas na nagpapaganito kasi malinis siya tingnan pero hindi nagpapatanda ng face.” It’s where traditional hairstyles with ample volume at the top meet with shorter sides to incorporate a bit of the new. The key is to maintain the perfect balance between wise tito and fun tito.

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4) Fade

Athletes love this hairstyle because of how dynamic and sleek it looks, especially on photos. “Madalas mga basketball player yung nagpapagupit sa amin and ito yung gusto nila,” says Santos. You can even ask your barber to draw customized patterns and lines onto your scalp to add that extra bit personality and uniqueness to your hair. Just make sure you pay attention to what he’s drawing because you might end up getting something you didn’t expect.

5) Crew cut

Despite what other people say, crew cuts aren’t only meant for soldiers and military people. “Minsan lang talaga may magpagupit ng ganyan sa amin pero kapag meron, usually yung dahilan nila kasi ang init sa anit ng panahon and gusto nilang malamigan ulo nila,” says Santos. So don’t be so high strung when you see a shaved dude, maybe he just wants to relax and let his brain breath a little.

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6) Bangs

Bangs have always been of the most feminine looks a guy could get because of it’s long and flowy aesthetic. But hey, the girls seem to like it on their Oppa’s so don’t diss it till you try it.

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