What shoes to wear for every Zodiac sign

Let the stars decide what kicks you should buy next!
by Ashley Martelino for Spot.ph | Aug 4, 2019

(SPOT.ph) Wondering what the stars have in store for you this week? Well, you're in the wrong place because we have no idea. But here's what we do know: the zodiac craze is everywhere-from T-shirts to jewelry and even tumblers. Whether you believe your date of birth actually does determine your future or if you just like seeing cool merch based on your own personal sign, we totally get the obsession. In fact, we're here to fuel it. We can't give you a weekly horoscope, so instead we assembled a list of stylish sneakers for you to wear based on your zodiac sign. We took into account the colors and common traits associated with each astrological profile, but don't panic if you're eyeing a pair that's not for your sign. When it comes to both astrology and sneakers, we stick to one philosophy: if the shoe fits, wear it!

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Here are 12 sneakers for every zodiac sign:


Falcon Shoes (P5,500)

This feisty fire sign is typically associated with the color red so it's only right that those of you born during Aries season (or should we say "SZN") should rock this gorgeous pair from Adidas, which sports a spectrum of red and pink hues. The bold (but still wearable!) design has as much energy and intensity as any archetypal Aries.

See a list of Adidas branches.

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Nylite (P3,790)
PHOTO BY Tretorn

The first earth sign in the cycle, Tauruses are usually thought of as grounded and determined-these practical kicks from Tretorn are perfect for such down-to-earth individuals. But we heard that bulls aren't afraid to have a good time either-despite their simple design, this sleek pair would be chic enough for a night out, too!

Available at Res Toe Run; see a list of branches.

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Classic Slip-On Platform (P2,998)

The common joke about Gemini folk (whose symbol is that of twins) is that they're a bit like two people rolled into one-that is, they've got quite a penchant for being whimsical and scatterbrained. But hey, that's what makes them so fun! These classic checkered slip-ons from Vans are just as quirky and versatile as your typical Gemini. Plus, despite their unique pattern, they'll go with pretty much anything-perfect for this indecisive sign.

Available online; see a list of Vans branches.

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V-10 B-Mesh (P6,595)

The soft nude tones on these sneakers from French footwear brand Veja are a perfect match for the pure-hearted, intuitive, nurturing Cancer. They're that go-to pair that you can count on for all occasions because you know they'll never let you down-just like the loyal and understanding Cancers in your life.

Available at Capital and Common Thread.

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X-Racer Hybridize Pack (P4,995)
PHOTO BY New Balance

We're obsessed with the pops of gold on these classic New Balance sneakers. And for the expressive, optimistic, life-of-the-party Leo, an eye-catching pair like this one is a no-brainer. Even when worn with a plain outfit, these kicks will make them stand out from the crowd. Not to mention, they're a total conversation starter-ideal for this joyous and vibrant sign.

See a list of New Balance branches.

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Chuck Taylor All Star Renew Canvas High Top in Pale Putty (P3,390)
PHOTO BY Converse

These high-cut, cream-colored Chuck Taylors from Converse are as reliable and straightforward as your friendly neighborhood Virgo. They're typically known to be extremely focused and organized individuals, so this pair is perfect for those of you who don't want to waste any time picking out shoes to wear on the daily. Plus, Virgos are often drawn towards self-improvement, so this pair-made from recycled materials-is perfect to help them move towards a better lifestyle.

Available at Converse branches in Glorietta, Greenbelt, Ayala Feliz, and Shangri-La Plaza.

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Graduate Leather Sneakers (P5,250)
PHOTO BY Lacoste

This air sign is known to be a peaceful creature, strongly valuing balance and harmony. Sleek, minimalist shoes like these leather trainers from Lacoste are perfect for any Libra. The calm, uninhibited sign would love such an elegant pair. Plus, they're usually associated with pastel shades and these shoes feature some gorgeous light-pink accents!

See a list of Lacoste branches.

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Cortez Classic (P4,195)

Strong-willed Scorpios are kind of the wild card of the zodiac and they often get a bad rap for their forthcoming, stubborn personalities. This black-and-white iteration of Nike's popular Cortez silhouette (instead of the usual red and blue accents) would be a good match for the enigmatic Scorpio. While just as versatile as the OG colorway, this pair takes on a darker, more mysterious tone. Plus, the adaptable design would be useful for this transformative and intuitive water sign.

Available online; see a list of Nike branches.

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Via Margutta (P2,499)

Fiery and spontaneous Sagittariuses deserve a pair as wild and exuberant as they are, like this one from Fila. Trust us, they need a chunky sneaker like this to hold all their energy and excitement as they seek out their latest adventures. Plus, the cute red accents against the predominantly white sneaker totally scream "fire sign."

See a list of Fila branches.

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Crest Creeper Velcro (P3,495)

Grab some no-nonsense shoes for the no-nonsense Capricorn. The ivory-colored canvas material on these Sperry creepers resembles rustic fabrics like twill or linen-perfect for this practical earth sign, especially as they are often associated with neutral tones like brown, bone, or gray. This pair's got velcro straps instead of laces because there's no way this ambitious, determined sign has time to waste tying their shoes.

See a list of Sperry branches.

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Mexico 66 TS (P3,290)
PHOTO BY Onitsuka Tiger

These cool kicks from Onitsuka Tiger blend a sleek classic shape with quirky features like bright blue and yellow accents as well as a velcro strap above the laces. The restless, rebellious Aquarius will love the unique look and vibrant colors. The worldly, visionary air sign is always brimming with fresh ideas and creative impulses so they'll appreciate all the little details that went into creating this pair.

See a list of Onitsuka Tiger branches.

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Rifle Paper Co. Triple Kick Rosalie Embroidered Jute in Cream (P4,495)

Pisces are known to be the most emotional sign in the zodiac-empathetic, compassionate, and sensitive all at once. These dreamers are also extremely imaginative so they'll love the colorful floral embroidery and rustic jute soles on this pair from Keds, which make us think of the drawings we used to see in fairy-tale books growing up. They have a bit of a reputation for living in their own little fantasy world instead of in reality so this dainty, somewhat ethereal pair should be right up their alley.

See a list of Keds branches.

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