This is how people clean up (and try to smell good) after biking to work

May 18, 2018

WE can't walk to work without soaking in sweat, but we'd still get sweaty during a regular commute anyway—that's why some of us elect to pedal our way to the office. You might have thought about doing so for the savings and exercise, but can't get the image of arriving as a hot mess out of your head. Let these bikers' tips for cleaning up after the commute inspire you to give it a shot.

Invest in sports underwear

"I dry up using my extra towel, apply deodorant and cologne then change into a new shirt. I don't change my bra since I wear a sports bra so it dries quickly. For my shorts, I leave it as it is." - Louise, 32, financial services representative, 4-kilometer ride

Let sweat settle first and bring all the towels

"My cleanup is divided into two parts: first I wash my face first, nape, and arms in the sink. Cool down while letting the sweat go out, then dry up with a clean towel. I normally allot 15-20 minutes for this one to make sure that I've stopped sweating before doing step two: wipe myself with a wet towel washed with soap and alcohol. Dry up with another clean towel, reapply deo, change undies and shirt, then body spray." – Joseph, 33, WFM Resource Planner, 9-km ride

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"A brief break before cleaning up is very important para di magsabay yung sweat and water." - May, 30, Legal Assistant, 9-km ride

Take over the bathroom if you must

"When I get to the office, I go straight to the bathroom and freshen up: shampoo (in the sink), wash face, brush teeth, wipe myself with a damp face towel, change underwear, change socks, everything. I look like a hobo in the bathroom, but I'm fresh for work and it only takes ten minutes." - Enrico, 32, Marketing Officer, 6-km ride

Spray clean your laundry bag

"My sweaty clothes/undies are all kept inside my bag (sealed in a plastic bag from our local grocery). I spray lysol or alcohol inside my backpack to avoid the kulob smell. And yes, they're gross and go straight to the laundry basket once I got home. I use my work clothes as I ride back." – Joseph

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Be creative with sampay

"I hang my bike clothes in vacant work stations near mine, undies are under my desk. Once dry, I just put them back inside a plastic bag. I'll use the shirt and the shorts again to go home. Tipid tipid din!" - Ronald, 39, Call Center Professional, 6-kilometer ride

...Or do laundry at work

"I use dri-fit or cotton shirts, wash them in the office, and dry using the washroom dryer." - JC, Back Office Representative, 27, 14-km ride

Do you ever feel na mabaho ka after biking to work?

"Yes, stinky and sweaty, especially now that it's summer!" - Louise

"There are days that I can smell myself if I'm not using the usual dri-fit/biking shorts. This is usually true on the days that I wasn't able to complete my clean up routine." - Joseph

"Nope, I still get beso from my friends at work pa naman." - Ronald

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"I wear different clothes so I never feel na mabaho ako after biking to work." - JC

Has anyone actually ever said na mabaho ka?

"Indirectly, yes. I was on midshift and was running late, I rode my bike at noon and I wasn't able to take a quick shower in our office. I just changed clothes and undies and I wasn't able to dry myself up completely. Then a friend said, 'Itong batang to pawis ka na naman, di ka na naman nag-polbo, lagot ka sa nanay mo't amo'y araw ka na naman.' I'm not really sure if it's because she saw me sweating or if my aroma was approaching visual level." - Joseph

"Di ako nagpapahuling mabaho, ha ha! Pero nahuhuli akong naka-roll pa yung towel sa ulo ko. Minsan naabutan ng admin na basa buhok ko and sasabihin sa’kin '2018 na, wet look pa rin?'" - Enrico

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