Home workouts you can do while on enhanced community quarantine

Mar 17, 2020

While we’re all on community lockdown, keeping safe, keeping healthy, and keeping sane is on top of everyone’s mind. Here are some essential life tips for living in the time of pandemic. This is SPIN.ph’s COVID-19 Survival Guide.

Now that everyone is now required to stay home during enhanced community quarantine, staying fit will be a big concern. We’re looking at perhaps a month of staying in — except for those times when you have to go out and buy basic necessities — so keeping fit will be necessary.

Thankfully, these coaches, athletes, gyms, and yes, even one sports store are posting home workouts that you can do while stuck at home.

Hey, who knows. When this quarantine period ends, you might be even more buff than before.

Fitness First

Fitness First is using its wide network of gyms around the world to bring you livestreamed classes. They're posting a schedule every week. Here's what in store for March 30 all the way till April 3. Each day is packed with fitness workouts you can join in that range from interval training to pilates to muay thai to yoga.


Watch Now

They're hosting fitness watch parties at their Facebook page, as well as continuously posting home workout ideas, like this one below.


Central Ground CrossFit On Demand

With the closure of their Bonifacio High Street gym, Central Ground CrossFit has moved online. Hosted on the Train Heroic app (download on Google Play here, or Apple Store here), CG On Demand offers two weekly workouts via the app. But sign up for Premium access for P800 a month, and you'll get five weekly workouts plus your own personal CrossFit coach to advise you online.


Vic Manuel’s #HomeWorkoutChallenge

Vic Manuel has been consistently posting his home workouts ever since head coach Jeff Cariaso challenged the Alaska Aces to get lockdown fit. Watch his vids to get inspo. Here’s how his Day 3 challenge went. (Take note, he uses some specialized equipment like elastic bands for resistance and medicine balls as weights. He also uses a ladder and cones for agility drills.)

Plank, 1 minute x 3
Side Plank, 1 minute x 3
Glute Bridge Hold, 1 minute x 3
20 Sit-ups x 3
20 Weighted Sit-ups x 3
20 Weighted V-ups x 3
20 Elastic Band Bicep Curls x 3
50 Elastic Band Squats x 3
20 Elastic Band Pallof Presses x 3
Ladder Agility Drills
Cone Drills

In an interview he said with SPIN Life, Manuel told us that if he needs to incorporate push-ups in his routine, he does 20 reps for 3 sets.


Chappy Callanta’s One Minute Workout

SPIN Life columnist and Alab Pilipinas strength and conditioning trainer Chappy Callanta did this one minute workout for “days when you will have a hard time to go to the gym and get your workouts done.” Well, that’s now every day. Thankfully, this one minute workout is here to keep you fit and sane.

10 Push-ups
10 High-low planks
10 Shoulder Taps
10 Rotations
10 Spider-Man Push-ups


Callanta’s recommendation? Do this multiple times a day.

He's also offering a free home-based fitness program, which will be delivered right to your email inbox. Click here to sign up.

Decathlon’s One Month Training Plan

With store closures (both their brick-and-mortar stores and their online one) temporarily shut down, the sporting goods retailer was still game enough to post a 7-day workout plan for people who are quarantined at home. (For those living in Luzon, that’s almost everyone.) With gyms closed, you’ll need to rely on your own initiative to keep fit. Thankfully, this 7-day workout plan is made of pure bodyweight exercises, so you won’t need specialized equipment to do it.


Here's a sample of their Monday workout. Check out the Facebook post embedded below to see the rest.

Stationary Jogging, 50 reps
15 Squats x 3
15 Side Lunges x 3
12 Inchworms x 3
20 Striders x 3
Planks, 30 sec hold x 3
15 Hip Thrusts x 3
15 Lying Hip Abductions x 3

Rest for 20 seconds in between exercises. Rest for 10 seconds in between sets. Stretch to cool down.


Sterling K. Brown’s Pyramid Workout

Posted on Men’s Health last October, this is one bodyweight workout that will never get old. “Really basic, all bodyweight, and you get it done super quick,” said the actor. Here’s how it goes:

50 Jumping Jacks
40 Squats
30 Push-ups
20 Butt-ups
10 Burpees

Do 3 rounds.

Men's Health's Instagram page also has many bodyweight workouts from fitness director Ebenezer Samuel.

Sparta Body Leg Calisthenics Workout

Sparta, a Mandaluyong gym that specializes in calisthenics-based workouts (and also has an indoor football field), is closed indefinitely, just like many other gyms across Luzon. The action won't stop now that you're stay at home, however. Here's a bodyweight leg workout they've recently posted on their IG.

10 Narrow Squats
10 Alternating Archer Squats
5 Single Leg Deadlifts per Leg (Repeat 2 to 5 times)


Primal Ape Crossfit’s Home WOD (from Coach Chris)

With CrossFit gyms now closed, many boxes are sending their members helpful home WODs (workouts of the day). That’s something you can do as well if you have a gym membership that you obviously can’t use now — go text your coaches and your gyms to ask for routines.

Here’s a sample from Primal Ape CrossFit in Makati.

500 Air Squats
But every time you need to take a break, do 10 push-ups and 10 sit-ups


Julio Veloso’s Home Workout (inspired by Breaking Muscle)

This one from SPIN Life columnist and strength and conditioning coach Julio Veloso incorporates a mobility warm-up. “You don't want to come out of this quarantine/lockdown period gaining 10-15 lbs of fat,” he said.

5 Bird Dogs per side
3 Reaching Single Leg Deadlifts per side
Side plank, 20 secs per side
Prone Y-T-W, 10 reps for each
5 Bodyweight Squats
3 Quadruped Knee Circles per side
5 Push-ups

Cardio Circuit
15 Chops x 15
15 Frogger Hip Lifts
10 Blast off Push ups
5 Sprint Steps per leg


For more survival guide tips, click here.

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