The best way to naturally get rid of chronic bad breath

Jan 13, 2019

Nothing ruins a perfect date faster than bad breath. It doesn’t matter how well you and your date have been getting along, or how much she’s laughed at your jokes all night, everything goes downhill the moment she gets a whiff of the toxic fumes coming out of your mouth.

There are several causes for chronic bad breath—some more serious than others. Generally, bad breath is simply the result of an imbalance in the bacteria found inside the mouth. So before you panic, try these common bad breath remedies out first, to make sure that your perfect date doesn’t turn into a noxious nightmare.

Saline Solution

Instead of popping mints like crazy, gargle some salt dissolved in water for a simple bad breath solution. Saline solutions have a slight acidity which prevents the bacteria that causes bad breath to multiply.

Tongue Scraping

Make it a habit to scrub your tongue with a tongue scraper (some modern toothbrushes have them on the other side of the bristles) or a spoon every time you brush your teeth to remove the bacteria and fungi that cause odor.

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Nibbling on some cinnamon sticks are a good, and delicious way of getting rid of bacteria that infects the mouth. Cinnamon has antibacterial properties and even aids in digestion.

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Basil, Mint, or Cilantro

Chewing basil, mint, or cilantro help get rid of bad breath because the chlorophyll found in these herbs is an effective way of removing odor.

Green Tea

Regularly drinking 3-5 cups of green tea cures bad breath because it contains antioxidants and polyphenols. Like cinnamon, it also helps in digestion so there’s really no downside to it.

Proper Breathing

Breathing through your nose is the proper way. Every time you breathe through your mouth, you decrease saliva, dry your mouth, and encourage the buildup of bacteria. This is also the reason why some people have “morning breath”—because they most likely breathe through their mouths when they’re asleep.

Get Hydrated

Making sure you drink enough water encourages saliva production which prevents bacteria build up in the mouth. Conversely, try to minimize diuretics like coffee and alcohol which have the opposite effect.

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Studies have shown that stress can alter our body’s balance. When our immune system is compromised, certain bacteria can grow rampant which can then lead to bad breath. If you’re looking to quickly de-stress, there’s nothing better (or easier) than a nap or a good night’s sleep.

Peppermint Oil

Essential oils are all the rage, nowadays. If you can get your hands on some peppermint, simply place 1-2 drops in some water and gargle with it like you would a normal mouth wash. Peppermint will get rid of the bad bacteria and leave your mouth fresh and smooch-ready.

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