Greg Slaughter, fellow plus-size personalities dish standout style tips for bigger, taller men

Dec 11, 2017
Greg Slaughter joined chef Luigi Muhlach and ForkSpoon Manila's Alexis Deocaris as the new SM Men Plus ambassadors.

DRESSING up is already hard to do. But it becomes a little harder if you're on the bigger side and there are no available clothes in your size.

It's a problem that's common here in the Philippines, where stores mostly cater to a leaner figure that's recognizable in most Filipinos.

Don’t fret—you are not alone on this matter. Even popular personalities like Ginebra San Miguel’s Greg Slaughter, chef and restaurateur Luigi Muhlach, and ForkSpoon Manila’s Alexis Deocaris, have trouble when it comes to choosing and buying clothes that both fit and look good.

“Sometimes you think you've already found something for you, but when you try it, you’ll see that the sleeves and seams don’t fit. Even finding the right pair of shoes is hard,” PBA star player Slaughter said to during the launch of SM Men Plus last Tuesday, December 5, where he was announced as one of SM Men Plus' newest endorsers alongside Muhlach and Deocaris.

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But just because plus-size dressing is a challenge, it doesn’t mean you have to give up being stylish (or at least, even being presentable). We asked the three new endorsers of SM Men Plus to give us a few tips on how they manage to stay effortlessly fashionable.

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Accept your size

Be confident. And to have that confidence, you must accept that you’re a bit taller and bigger than the average Pinoy. “Accept your body—your size, your built. Everything else will follow,” Deocaris shared. Cliché as it sounds, confidence comes from within. And when you feel good about yourself from the inside, there’s a you’ll feel—and of course, look—good on the outside, too.

Focus on the fit

One of the biggest mistakes vertically and horizontally gifted men make when buying clothes is that they tend to get items that are too big to hide their shape, and that’s a big no-no. Wearing something that’s oversized will just emphasize your weight. Instead of buying bigger clothing, what you should do is focus on the fit: clothes should not be too tight and not too loose. Remember: you should not hide your shape, you should flatter it instead.

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Also, don’t be afraid to mix and match until you find that perfect fit. “My advise for plus-size men is to not be discouraged," Muhlach explained. "There is a brand available that is both stylish and suited for us."

Keep it simple

Patterns are okay, but remember to keep it low-key. Go for light vertical stripes, subtle prints, and anything that’s minimalist and doesn’t scream “design!” As for the colors, your best bets are dark or neutral ones.

Layer, layer, and layer

Take advantage of the colder season now and layer up! Layering clothes instantly helps you look a bit narrow. Layering is also great when you’re attending an event or a special occasion “I like to dress up a little bit, especially during awarding or other events outside basketball,” Slaughter shared.

Wearing a nice (and preferably dark) blazer above a lighter colored polo, or a structured jacket above a plain white tee should do the trick. “It’s always nice to look presentable—it gives an insight into how you handle yourself. Don’t be afraid to dress up."

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Choose something that’s comfortable

“Whatever your size is, there should be no hindrance in terms of expressing yourself through clothing. Happiness is what comes out when you express yourself,” Deocaris said. Confidence and comfort go hand in hand. Nothing’s more disastrous than wearing something fashionable yet uncomfortable. Don’t ever settle for “pwede na” or “bagay naman sa iba” when it comes to choosing your clothes.

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Greg Slaughter joined chef Luigi Muhlach and ForkSpoon Manila's Alexis Deocaris as the new SM Men Plus ambassadors.
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