Stop trying too hard: Women reveal the qualities that make guys 'cool'

Jul 24, 2019
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We can all agree that the image of the cool guy has evolved over the years. That being said, the concept of being cool is purely subjective. A sensitive guy might score a lot of pogi points, while some girls prefer guys who are medyo bad boy. See where we're going with this?

What isn’t cool, however, is trying too hard. We interviewed several women and asked them what makes a guy cool in their eyes. Read on to find out what they said:

A sense of humor

More women are now going for substance rather than style. “A guy’s wit and banter say a lot about his intelligence,” says Lucy, 21. "Smart men exude that air of enthusiasm and confidence."

Practical skills

Sarah, 19, says, “Nothing screams cool like a man who knows how to cook, clean, and change car tires.” The knowledge you gain from reading books can only get you so far with the ladies but everything else you learn only through practice.

Respect for others

Candy, a third-year-college student, says, “I value character, which can be as simple as tipping generously and treating waiters with respect.” Women always find a kind heart appealing, especially when generosity extends to people you don’t know.

Love for animals

Having a pet is a sign of being caring and responsible. “There’s something about an animal-loving guy that turns me on,” Donna, 18, points out. In most cases, a dedicated dog owner is more than ready for a relationship.

Being thoughtful

The right amount of being clingy can equate to being sweet. Ladies like it when you are concerned and attentive,” says Marga. “When he isn’t too cool to check up on and compliment me, that’s when he’s at his coolest.”

An easygoing disposition

Being cool comes naturally for some but if it doesn't they don't force it. Girls love a carefree guy who isn’t too pressured to place his best foot forward. “I feel when a man is getting tense during a date,” Penny, 21, says.

Grooming and proper hygiene

Trinity, 17, reveals: “It’s one thing to be stylish and neat, it’s another to actually look sharp and smell good.”

The key to projecting a better image and feeling confident is making clean habits stick so you present the best version of yourself to the world.

It’s been said that we can’t always choose the situation we find ourselves in. But with a little preparation, we can take control and turn it to our advantage. Having a daily healthy grooming routine that keeps your hygiene in check is essential for you to feel good and feel cool, so you can make a good impression, all the time.

Start by regularly using a body spray like Axe Ice Chill. It has a light, fresh, yet masculine fragrance that catches a woman’s attention, but doesn’t come on too strong to drive others away. It has notes of frozen mint and lemon, plus it gives that instant cooling effect on the skin as it cools skin down by up to 11 degrees Celsius.* 'Cause you know, you’re hotter when you’re chill.

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