Stand out with these hairstyles to give your long 'do a classy upgrade

Apr 10, 2018
Jon Snow knows nothing except look good with long hair. 

THE summer sun is always intense AF, but that doesn’t mean you should resign yourself to just short haircuts and buzzes this season.

If you want to grow your hair out instead, or if you’re already toting long Fabio-esque locks, then more power to you. In fact, a long ‘do should never be off the table, no matter what time of the year it is.

Every guy should try a grown-out hairstyle at least once in their life. Just make sure you’re ready for the more involved maintenance required for both your hair and your body (overheating is no joke!)

Not quite convinced yet? Here are three long ‘dos to give you some inspiration:

The Mid-length Sweep

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There’s a fine line between rakish and unkempt. And when your hair is just long enough to hit your nape but doesn’t quite fall on or off your shoulders, it’s easy to become the latter instead of the former. Thankfully, all it takes to make you look debonair, instead of someone who’s too lazy to go to the barbers, are your fingers or a comb (and maybe some product, if you’re feeling ambitious).

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How to get it:

Grow out your hair and wait until it’s well past your ears and nearer to your shoulders. Once you’re satisfied with the length, have your hair trimmed regularly at the barber’s so it’ll hang neatly and you can avoid split ends (yes, when you have long hair, that becomes a legitimate concern). Request a layered cut to achieve instant volume and shape.

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How to style it:

Use your fingers or a comb to sweep back your hair away from your face. Brush out any tangles so your hair looks neat from the back.

If your hair is naturally thin and doesn’t have much volume even with a layered cut, add product while it’s still semi-dry and fluff it up with your fingers or with your towel; make sure to smoothen out your hair with your comb after sweeping it back so it doesn’t look like a big mess from behind.

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If you have curly hair, tuck one side behind your ear and part your hair so it falls to the side and back.

The Messy Half-Bun

Like having long hair but find the weight around your neck too stifling? If a full man-bun is simply not for you, you can just go half-way and only pull the top part of your hair up. While there will still be hair around your neck, it’ll be significantly lighter and cooler for you. Even better, a messy version of this style will not only get most of your hair out of your face but let you sport that super chill, long-hair-don’t-care vibe.

How to get it:

Get your hair at least six to seven inches long to better pull off this hairstyle. The exact cut won’t really matter, but avoid an undercut if you don’t want to venture into top knot territory.

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How to style it:

First, comb out any tangles in your hair. While the messy look is what you’re aiming for, trust us, you don’t want to deal with excessive tangling when you eventually have to let your hair down. Anyway, once your hair is ready, use your fingers to section the top half up and twist it around itself until it settles into a bun. Secure with a hair tie (don’t use rubber bands, they’ll just damage your hair).

If you’re having trouble with this, you can do the easier loop bun, which you can achieve simply by pulling your hair through your hair tie twice, then pull it through only halfway on the third time.


If you’re really lazy, or just don’t have the length for a good-looking bun yet, there’s nothing wrong with a half-pony style. For texture (and to make it look less neat, in general), keep your pony loose and messy, and pull out strands around your temple and ears.

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The Long and Wavy

Committed to going all the way and have hair long enough to fall down your back? If so, get ready for a lot of maintenance--long hair can mean dealing with split ends, breakage, and tangles all the time. But the end results can be worth all the hassle, especially if you’re a fine-featured fella. All eyes will definitely be on you!

How to get it:

Grow out your hair to a length you’re satisfied with but make sure it’s something you can actually maintain. If you have super straight hair and it just isn’t the look you’re going for, consider getting a perm and put some fantasy-hero waves and curls in your hair. This will introduce potentially harsh chemicals in your hair, so do your hair care properly. Don’t be lazy

How to style it:

When you have a lot of long hair to play with, you can pull off a lot of different ‘dos that wouldn’t have been available to you had you stuck with a short haircut. But keeping it down and hanging loose is always a choice--just remember to comb it out so it’ll actually look good.

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Chances are, you’re going to need to pull your hair up often. When you do, always remember to be kind to your scalp. Don’t make your bun (or pony) too tight, at risk of damaging both your hair and skin. Keep your ‘do comfortably loose.

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If you’re feeling ambitious, and have both the time (for watching countless how-to YouTube videos) and skill (or friends who are willing to do it for you), you can also try doing braids. This not-so-typical hairstyle for guys will mean you’ll always be the most striking dude in the room.

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Jon Snow knows nothing except look good with long hair. 
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