Build your home gym with these affordable exercise equipment

Dec 11, 2018

HERE'S an obvious fact: Gym memberships cost money. Even if you try to save cash (and sacrifice air-conditioning) by attending your local bakal gym, you can still end up spending several hundreds or a few thousands depending on how often you go. So if your budget is tight, what do you do?

One option is to utilize the great outdoors. After all, soldiers have been getting fit for centuries with little more than what's available outside. Another option is to invest in some exercise equipment you can use at home. For less than P1,000 a piece, you can purchase some workout gear that you can use whenever you want to work out without having to pay an entrance fee.

"Doing workouts with minimal equipment can be beneficial, particularly for the general population that hasn't tried working out in a gym setting. With proper nutrition and rest, working out with minimal equipment could be a great kickstart to getting fit," says Platinum Executive fitness coach Jumar Ilano, ACE-CPT.

Exercise without breaking the bank

Here's a list of exercise gear we came across on Lazada that are all under P1,000:

PVC Jump Rope: P349


Far from a childhood toy, the simple jump or skipping rope is one of the simplest but most effective ways to get fit. You can keep a steady pace to work your aerobic fitness, or go a bit faster in spurts to get your anaerobic side going. And don't think it's a girly form of fitness, either. World-class boxers like Manny Pacquiao use it to build their fitness and improve their footwork.

Push-up bars: P699

It's kind of hard to increase the range of motion on push-ups unless you drill a hole on the floor for your chest to sink into. These bars allow your muscles to stretch further, which can increase the exercise's effectiveness. They're also useful if you suffer from wrist pain, as they allow you to do push-ups without the discomfort of having your palms flat on the floor.

Ab wheel: P348

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This contraption might look like an infomercial gimmick, but it's a real killer. The ab wheel stretches and strengthens your core. It is a lot more challenging than your standard crunches, and a lot less boring, too.

Stability ball: P649

If you've ever tried to sit on one of these things, then you'll know how difficult it can be to maintain your balance. Using this instead of a conventional bench is not only cheaper, but adding that instability can make an exercise more functional.

Medicine ball: P999


Instead of buying an expensive set of dumbbells, you can opt for a medicine ball instead. Whether you lift, slam, throw, or stabilize, there are always a myriad of great exercises to choose from.

Put it all together

Here's a sample full-body workout put together by Ilano that you can do with the equipment listed above. Included here are some options to make the exercises easier or more difficult depending on your fitness level.

30-60sec basic skipping

Progression: double-unders or crisscross jumps
Regression: Jumping jacks

15 push-ups on push-up bar

Progression: Single leg push-ups
Regression: Kneeling push-ups

10 ab wheel rollouts

Progression: start from standing

30-60sec front plank on stability ball

Progression: Single-leg front plank on stability ball
Regression: Front plank on floor

15 medicine ball deadlifts to row

Progression: Single leg-deadlift to row
Regression: No weights/medicine ball

15 squat-to-press using medicine ball

Progression: Squat-to-press to calf raise
Regression: Squat holding medicine ball

15 supermans

Repeat 2-3 times. Keep your rest periods short in between sets.

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