Stand out on date night with trending hairstyles that'll make you look extra dapper

Feb 14, 2018
Give your look some love this month.

AH, February: the Month of Love. Perhaps more so than any other time in the year, men are collectively obliged to look extra dapper this month.

It’s up to you whether that’s because you have a big date on Valentine’s Day and want to look good for your special someone, or because you want to show the world (and especially your nosy friends and fam) that being single doesn’t automatically mean you’re a sad sack who can’t clean up well.

Whichever the case may be for you, here are three banging hairstyles to consider getting on this most romantic of months:

The Overgrown Ivy League


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One of the most classic good-boy hairstyles out there, the Ivy League is the longer version of the militant crew cut and typically comes with a side-part. A grown-out sculpted and styled variation of this versatile cut (which can transition from don’t-care-bedhair to old-school swag with just a few key changes) is ideal for Valentine’s Day, as it won’t take you a lot of effort to prep, but you’ll still look suave AF.

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How to get it:

The most important element of this hairstyle is the gradual taper of the sides, back, and even top. For this version of the Ivy League, have your barber trim your hair to about 2-3 inches on top, with the front left longer than that. Clip the sides and back closer to your scalp, and go for a clean, blocked neckline.

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How to style it:

Introduce some product into your hair while it’s still a bit damp. Comb it out so there’s no tangles, then part your hair neatly on your preferred side. Style the front into a subtle pomp, or just roll it up and back to give your hair a bit more shape. If your hair feels a bit loose, carefully add some more product to better keep everything in place.

The Choppy Short Cut

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If you’re more of a live and let live fella, and don’t want to bother with styling your hair every time you step out, you might as well go all out and get a purposefully messy cut. The best thing about a choppy short cut is that it’s at a very manageable length, so you can easily style it to something neater whenever you need to dapper up.

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How to get it

Depending on your preference, have your barber trim your hair to around 2-5 inches in length, with the front kept relatively long. Ask for a layered cut all over, so your hair will have body whether you style it or not. A scissor cut will also give your hair more texture.

How to style it:

This low-maintenance ‘do requires little to no actual styling. If you want to amp up the messy factor though, get some product and run it through slightly damp hair using just your fingers. Take this time to first get out all tangles, then to pull and tug your hair into your desired look. If you want something more slick for date night, just use a comb to style it into a side-part or brush up. Add more product to keep the shape.

The Wispy Mop Top

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It’s no secret that overly coiffed hairstyles have been trending hard in the last few years (and that it’s been a very lucrative time for hairstyling products suppliers). But recently, more laidback ‘dos have started to make a comeback, largely in thanks to our fringe-happy Korean brothers. Which is great news for every guy out there who just wants his floppy and fluffy hair to be free—like it would be in a no-fuss mop top.

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How to get it:

Once again, this really depends on your preference, but your best bet if having your top hair cut around 3-5 inches in length. Take your cues from your brow line: your hair should be long enough to skim your eyebrows or a little past it, but it shouldn’t cover your eyes. Have your barber follow this length so your top hair is even all around your head (because, in case you were wondering, the mop top is basically just the cooler version of the bowl cut). For a cleaner finish, request that that the lower back and sides of your hair be tapered neatly.

How to style it:

The point of this style is to wear it down. So just comb your hair so there are no tangles, and let it rest freely on your head. If you regularly have delinquent cowlicks, run a bit of product through the strands so it’ll stay down. Now, if do want your hair out of your eyes, you can do a brush up, with the sides and top smoothly combed back. Add more product, especially to your fringe, so you hair doesn’t droop down.

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