New P2,195 sports mask claims to destroy ‘99.9% of pathogens including COVID-19’

Dec 14, 2020

THERE’S a brand new face mask in town. And what’s more, it comes with a bold claim: It is “scientifically proven to destroy 99.9 percent of pathogens, including [the virus that causes] COVID-19.”

The mask is called Fine Guard Sport, and is made up of Livinguard-treated lycra and cotton. Livinguard is a textile technology where the positively charged fabric captures microbes and viruses. The negatively charged shells of these disease carriers are “adsorbed” into the fabric, and the “now harmless insides leak out and disintegrate,” according to Livinguard’s press materials.

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Livinguard has been tested by researchers from the Free University of Berlin at the Institute for Animal Hygiene and Environmental Health, as well as the ISO 18184 protocol.

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Meanwhile, a separate study conducted by researchers in the Department of Environmental Studies in the University of Arizona also confirmed these results last June on the non-sport version of the Fine Guard face mask. The team tested the textile on a variety of pathogens, including coronavirus 229e, a virus similar to SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19.

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Olympian EJ Obiena, who is currently in Italy at the moment, uses the Fine Guard Sport for his training.

"We have Olympians endorsing the product that have trained with it, tested it, and helped us develop it, including Filipino pole vaulter, EJ Obiena, who use the mask in both training and competition," said James Michael Lafferty, CEO of mask manufacturer Fine Hygienic Holding, in a statement. "It is the only sports mask endorsed by the leading physicians of the Medical Wellness Association, for the prevention of infection.”

It’s now available in the Philippines at Beauty Bar and in LazMall. You can order online by tapping here. It retails for P2,195. Two masks come in the box, so that you can change to a second when the first is already soaked in sweat, "similar to professional tennis players who change shirts in between sets during competition," said the brand in a statement.

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The Fine Guard Sport doesn’t just have Livinguard technology. It also has a velcro fastening system and silicone self-locking adjusters so you can adjust the fit.

Its manufacturer claims that this mask is reusable for a year, and washable up to 50 times with hand soap and cold water. It recommends that it should be washed “minimum once a week, for regular usage.”

Even with a face mask treated with its technology, Livinguard still cautions you to still follow all health protocols.

The company says: “The use of a Livinguard face mask does not substitute the need for good personal hygiene as recommended by the applicable authorities and cannot prevent infection when not wearing the mask and instances where the virus may enter the respiratory tract through other means such as cross contamination through the concerned person’s hand.”

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