Want to end the year with a bang? Try a new look with these handsome hairstyles

Nov 17, 2017
Here's one fresh hairstyle to try just in time for party season.

WE'RE now just a month away from the end of 2017. It’s been one hell of a year, and major trends have come and go.

That being said, how has your hair game been so far?

If you’re confident you’ve been hitting it out of the park, give yourself a pat on the back—you deserve it!

But if you’ve got a feeling your ‘do could still improve some more, consider getting these hairstyles on your next sesh at the barber’s:

The Faux Hawk Fade

Looking for a new style for 2016? Try this. #hairstyleonpoint

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For those who like the dramatic silhouette of the mohawk but who would rather not shave off most of their hair, the faux hawk is the perfect solution. It’s a much more stylish alternative that’s just the right mix of rebel and rocker. The best thing about it, though? There’s more than one way to execute it—and this variant is a perfect example.

How to get it: Have your barber give you a mid or taper fade. Make sure to keep the top portion of your hair much longer, about 3 to 4 inches maybe.

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How to style it: Comb out your hair until it’s more or less tangle-free. Then, when it’s still a bit damp, apply your product of choice. Since you don’t want to get a droopy faux hawk, make sure you’re styling product provides has a strong hold. Now, you can rock major spike action by lifting up your hair all the way to the crown, instead of just creating a forward point. Finger comb up for texture.

The Curly Undercut

Use HairMenStyle: @xemasantiago96 ????????????????

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The undercut may no longer be as ubiquitous as it once was, but that doesn’t mean the style no longer has any merit. In fact, now that we’re no longer overwhelmed with undercuts everywhere, we’re seeing just how flattering it can be, especially when it’s paired with super kulot locks. If you’d like to show of your natural curls but don’t want to deal with hair all over the place, give this style a spin.

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How to get it: Get your sides buzzed down close to your skin, from around temple-level to your nape. Leave the top part to grow out into springy curls, with the front a bit longer than the rest to create a subtle fringe. For a more manageable ‘do, make sure to keep your curls only a few inches long—just enough to create a definite contrast.

How to style it: If your curly hair is naturally tame, then a quick run with product for definition should be enough (though going without and leaving your hair all-natural is an option, too). But if you’ve got wild locks, best to comb out your the top hair so that you don’t end up with matted curls.

The Comb Back Curtain

Awesome hair. #hairstyleonpoint

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This throwback ‘do has more or less stayed in the '90s for a reason—that center part and side fringe combo is not something many men can unironically pull off, after all. But that doesn’t mean the haircut cut can’t be updated to something more stylish.

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How to get it: Grow out your hair until it’s about 3-4 inches long all around. To create a more distinctly modern cut, get a low fade on the back and sides.

How to style it: The traditional curtain style requires neatly parting your hair in the middle, then combing your hair down on either side. For this updated version, start with the part in place, then, using your fingers, loosely comb your top hair backwards, letting it fall naturally back and to the side. To better keep that hint of a curtain fringe in place, use the end of your comb or one or two fingers to sweep a couple of distinct locks to the sides. Apply holding product to secure the style.

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Here's one fresh hairstyle to try just in time for party season.
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