How to look sporty this rainy season

Jul 18, 2018

IN case you haven’t noticed, the days of summer are now behind us. Rainshowers and thunderstorms have been plaguing our skies as of late. Still, life goes on—there’s work to get to, bills to pay, and (sometimes flooded) streets to brave. That said, there’s no reason to go through your day in misery. Here, some rain-ready style pointers to help you beat the elements.

1. Wear a versatile jacket

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Jacket by The North Face

Naturally, your first line of defense against the rain and cold is a jacket that is versatile enough to pair with most of your clothes. Ditch the collegiate hoodie—they’re juvenile-looking, and the cotton-fleece combo will do nothing to protect you from the downpour.


Instead, go for a more resilient parka, which, with its sturdy silhouette, will elevate your look. If you’re not too particular about hooded jackets, then there are other options such as trench coats, bomber jackets, or even the classic leather jacket. With or without a hood, muted colors like navy, charcoal, beige, or olive look best against overcast skies.

2. Protect your sneakers

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Manila is a sneaker city because, for urban dwellers who use public transport, it just makes sense. In the rain, you’re bound to run into muddy puddles and unexpected obstacles. Keep those beloved kicks dry by spraying on a waterproof protector on their surface.

3. Bring a hat

Cap by Nike

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Hats aren’t completely waterproof, but at least they will offer your crown some sort of barrier against a drizzle. A hat can also shield your head from the winds. Look into baseball caps, beanies, or even brimmed hats for a stylish take.

4. Unleash the denim

Denim Jacket by H.E. by Mango

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Good denim, while not completely waterproof, is resilient enough to withstand water. And for weather conditions that are at times erratic, denim is your best bet. It’s comfortable enough to wear every day, thick enough to provide warmth against the cold, and hardy against most stains.

5. Pile on the layers

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Track Jacket by Adidas

It’s not every day you get to show your sartorial flair. When it’s chillier than usual, take advantage of the weather and wear layers. Expand the limits of your wardrobe; consider turtlenecks, sweaters, cardigans, vests, blazers, and even scarves.

For those uninitiated about layering, start with the basics. Try on a monochromatic look in subdued or neutral colors like gray or navy. Here’s a fool-proof combo to get you started: a button-down shirt, a sweater, and a bomber jacket when the air is particularly biting.

6. Invest in a quality umbrella

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Umbrella by Burberry

We’re not sure how umbrellas came to be stereotyped as feminine, but we’re certain that getting drenched in a heavy downpour knows no gender. Be smart and carry one.

Invest in the good stuff—you’ll want an umbrella that will last you years and won’t turn itself inside out at the slightest hint of wind. Be on the hunt for one with a taut canopy, a sturdy frame, and solid rivets. The full-sized black umbrella with a wooden handle is a true classic, but you can also do well with durable, collapsible versions for a more portable take.

7. Cop a pair of rain-ready boots

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Boots by Red Wing Shoes

When you’re faced with a heavy storm, sun-friendly sneakers and sandals just won’t do—not if you want to deal with soaked soles and the stench of wet feet. Bust out the heavy-duty footwear like a pair of Timberlands or Red Wings. They’re steel-toed and rubber-soled, and their thick cowhide ensures that you can stomp on any terrain with confidence.

8. Choose a water-resistant bag

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Backpack by Tumi

That canvas backpack may carry a heavy load, but it doesn’t stand a chance against a sudden rain shower. Carrying a water-resistant case is crucial, especially when you’re lugging important documents and a laptop around. Look into satchels, duffel bags, or backpacks made of leather, nylon, or waxed canvas. Even better if they’re lined with PVC for that added protection.

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