How To Dress If You're A Big Guy, According To Swaggy Dudes

Dec 19, 2018

GOOD style is for everyone! And that includes all the big - or fat, chubby, husky, or whatever PC (or non-PC) terms that people want to use - boys out there. Humans aren't one size fits all, and that also applies to fits obviously. It may sound cheesy, but it's really a confidence game because there are a lot of steezy big dudes out there. Here's a quick fit guide and some outfit inspiration to get you started.

Short shorts are a go - it's 2018

We have all been subtly conditioned to believe that short shorts are the wave through the sheer amount of dudes wearing them, so don't hide your legs and let them shine as well. You'll just look dumpy trying to hide them under some too long cargoes or what not.

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Jackets add definition

Worried that layering on a jacket will make you look like a wide load? Nah fam, it's cool, go for it like Jonah Hill.

Donning a jacket is also an easy way to add structure if you're feeling round! Here's DJ Khaled not looking soft next to a jacked Mark Wahlberg for example.

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Here's Monty Macalino of Mayonnaise doing the same with his top layer.

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Make sure your clothes are neat and you will look neat

Is it just us or is does the plain white tee (with shorts) actually look better with some meat to support it? Like compared to some too skinny dude who would fill it out about as well as some grade schooler who took his polo off.

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Just make sure it's always crispy. No food stains please!

Fit still matters

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Fit is still key if you're a big dude-too big or too small is just as much a problem even if you are playing with XXL versus XXXL. The ultimate example would be how sharp comedian Red Ollero is in this suit since he got it tailor made and didn't just make do with whatever fit off the rack.

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Like you can go slightly oversized and relaxed with a printed shirt or...

...get a closer fit that is different from masikip. That doesn't look good on 90% of the population anyway.

Forget those old rules about stripes

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We say blogger Kelvin Davis looks fine in "height-enhancing" verticals and "widening" horizontal stripes all the same. The dude has man boobs, a belly, and whatever else you may want to hide on display in his grams but he still looks super fly. It's really just having belief in your outfit styling that shines through fam.

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Just like how our idol pulls it off!

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