Here's what to wear if you're an awkwardly skinny guy

Nov 30, 2018

SOME people may think that you're lucky AF if you're an effortlessly skinny guy who doesn't need to go to the gym to lose some pounds. On the other hand-and because human beings are never contented-some lanky gentlemen may feel bad when no matter how much they work hard for the gains, their body just won't cooperate. To make things worse, some clothes that we want seem to only fit men with impossible body shapes (AKA beefed up lads). We know, it's disheartening, but being skinny shouldn't stop you from looking and feeling good. By wearing the right clothes, the right way, you can create an illusion that you've packed on the muscle.

We can't promise that you'll end up like looking like your girlfriend's supermodel crush, but trust, these style tips can help you make a difference.

Wear crew neck t-shirts or sweaters

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"Crew neck shirts give the appearance of squared shoulders," suggests Bela Vitug, freelance stylist and owner of Bellatrix Styling Project. "Wearing t-shirts or sweaters with this neckline will actually make your shoulders look broader, and you, a bit bigger."

Make sure your clothes fit you

Those pants may look sexy on that mannequin, but please, resist the temptation to simply cop that pair without even trying them on first. "Wearing clothes that are too big or baggy will make you look smaller," Bela says. "Also, if possible, find a good tailor to create well-tailored suits, pants, and other clothes for you."

Layer with a light fabric

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"Layering is one of the easiest ways to bulk up and add more weight to your frame," Bela shares. "Layer with light fabric so it's more comfortable, especially now that it's summer season." If you're feeling more adventurous, try Eddie Redmayne's triple-layering trick: plain shirt + plaid polo + denim jacket.

Choose horizontal patterns

While vertical lines emphasize your height and elongate the thin frame, horizontal lines are the skinny man's best friend. "Horizontal lines create the illusion of width instead of length and height, which can make you look wider than your actual frame," Bela adds.

Wear accessories

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Last but not the least, don't be shy to experiment with accessories. "Believe it or not," Bela stresses, "even simple accessories such as watch straps, cuff links, and belt buckles add a little something to your skinny body frame."

Bela Vitug is a Manila-based freelance stylist and owner of Bellatrix Styling Project. For styling gigs you can contact her at 09178837454 or email or Visit her page, Bellatrix Styling Project, for more details.

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