Here's what to wear for every kind of Valentine's day date

Feb 13, 2019

You’ve already made dinner reservations at a fancy restaurant, or booked movie tickets, or lit at least one scented candle in your house. Now, it’s time to figure out what you’re going to wear for your Valentine’s date.

Let’s face it: you want to take advantage of those mall sales and get you some fresh threads. Of course, what you put on for your V-Day flex depends on what kind of date you’re going (or not going) to. So, we’re here to help you put the lit in candle-lit for your February 14 plans.

Casual date

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Maybe you’re going to the movies or eating at a restaurant-and-bar joint, then you definitely want to look like you’re a fun guy (not like Kawhi). We here at, more often than not, put on outfits from the athleisure department. You can show how sporty and fun-loving you are with a pair of joggers to go with a sweatshirt. Of course, you should totally wear killer sneakers to show off your shoe game as well.

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Casual-formal date

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Athleisure just won’t cut it if you’re trying to impress your date (or your date’s parents). For example, you might get invited over for lunch with her parents before you have the rest of the afternoon and evening to both of you. You’ll need something that has a bit more of a personality. In these cases, maybe you can opt for a printed shirt that’s not too loud. For the bottoms, stick to warm neutral colors like a faded beige. You can’t go wrong with loafers, too, so you can show your future in-laws just how sophisticated you are without trying so hard.

Romantic getaway

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You may have just won Valentine’s if you somehow went away with your lady friend for the day (or the rest of the week). Because of that, you can pretty much wear anything you want. But since we’re talking about it, maybe go for a less-layered outfit and just be carefree about what you’re wearing when you’re strolling down white-sand beaches and drinking under the stars. Maybe stick to some loose unbuttoned floral polos, boardshorts, and flip-flops. If need be, go for sunglasses and hats if it helps you feel more comfortable and relaxed outside the city.

Fancy dinner

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It may be a fancy dinner date, and there’s some strict attire requirement, but it doesn’t mean you can’t put your fun personality in what you’re wearing, especially if you and your special someone are on the same wavelength. Opt for something a little loud to break the status quo, and people will surely have their eyes on you and your lady friend. Don’t go all out though with the bright colors though. The jacket is fine, then let the rest of your outfit stay neutral and a bit dark.

Netflix and chill at home

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Maybe you’re one of those lucky guys who has a girlfriend that doesn’t really like going out. So, now, you two have planned a night in the house, just watching whatever’s new on Netflix. Well, technically, there are no rules about what you should wear. So, feel free to choose anything. If you guys want to lie down in your pajamas, go for it. But we do have a bias for some cute onesies that you can both wear just to make things a little special even if you’re just at home.

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