Here are this week's best and worst NBA pre-game outfits

Nov 3, 2019

WHAT a week in the NBA. Embiid and Towns brawled, Steph broke a hand, and Harden dropped 59. It’s been an interesting week on the court, and things have barely even gotten started. As usual, though, players are bringing their A-game to the pregame, and this week saw some especially interesting outfits, plus a couple of Halloween costumes as well. Here are some of the best and worst from the tunnels.


    Jordan Clarkson, before Cavaliers vs. Bulls

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    You just know Jordan Clarkson hesitated before going out in this grandma scarf. But he decided to go with it, trying his very best to channel A$AP Rocky’s Babushka Boi vibes. Sadly, it’s a look that needs to be earned—and Clarkson just isn’t there yet. We will say, though, that it would have been a solid outfit if not for the babushka.

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    LeBron James, before Lakers vs. Grizzlies

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    Once again, King James kills it. The solid colors are all on point—simple, relaxed, and thoughtful—and with a statement piece thrown over it. That Ralph Lauren shirt is so beautiful that you could worship at its altar.

    Kevin Love, before Cavaliers vs. Bulls

    Kevin Love even conducted interviews in this Jason Voorhees costume, which shows commitment.

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    Ben Simmons, before Sixers vs. Timberwolves

    Ben Simmons, on the other hand, went for a cop-out costume by just wearing a mask. That said, it’s a great outfit on its own, and no one can hate on those Travis Jordan 6s. Plus, he’s repping Rhude, a Los Angeles streetwear label by kababayan Rhuigi Villaseñor, so let’s give up some brownie points.

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    Draymond Green, before Warriors vs. Thunder

    Draymond, man, you realize you’re wearing an outfit that’s almost entirely white splotches, right? I mean, the Command Forces are cool, but this whole “drip” might not be the best thing to start a game with.

    Kelly Oubre Jr, before Suns vs. Clippers

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    Is this the year that goths finally arrive at the NBA? Oubre Jr. might make a case for it, in this resurgent-emo look.

    Dwayne Bacon, before Clippers vs. Hornets

    The ‘Fearless’ Jordan 1s—dressed up with patent leather and references to Jordan’s collegiate and professional careers—are the shoe to have right now. Dwayne Bacon is paying homage to his team owner, and doing it well.

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    Russell Westbrook, before Rockets vs. Thunder

    Sometimes, it’s almost like Russell Westbrook is trolling. As far as NBA pregame tunnel walks are concerned, the pants alone are a felony. And there are no redeeming factors in this outfit. It’s an ’80s-glam-rock-meets-basketball abomination. Brodie, WYD?

    Chris Paul, before Thunder vs. Rockets

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    That’s two strikes in a row, Mr. Paul. After wearing a horrendous, weirdly WASP-y outfit in his game versus the Wizards, Chris Paul has returned in a Gumby-colored suit with jogger bottoms.

    Kyle Kuzma, before Lakers vs. Grizzlies

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    In stark contrast, we have Kyle Kuzma, who knows when to push the envelope and when to tone things down. Here he is proving that fit is everything when it comes to wearing all-black.

    Myles Turner, before Pacers vs. Nets

    With enough of the right kinds of statement pieces in your wardrobe, pulling a fit off is easy. Myles Turner’s jacket is a big W, right next to the one that the Pacers scored later that night, against the Nets.

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