Getting the right sunglasses for your face shape

Dec 22, 2018

THE right sunglasses can turn even the most ordinary of faces into a celebrity. While the number of brands, variations, and styles in the market can get a little intimidating, you actually only need to remember a few things to get the right pair.

The most important thing to consider when buying sunglasses is your face shape. Many make the mistake of simply choosing the one they see on their favorite celebrity, forgetting the fact that they don’t look anything alike. Sunglasses should always be based on your personal features. You wear it on your face so you can be sure that it will immediately get noticed—which may be a good or bad thing depending on your choice. So remember that no matter how much you wanted to get those same aviator glasses Maverick sported in Top Gun, it won’t have the same effect if you’re more Ving Rhames than Tom Cruise.

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A person’s face shape generally falls into one of several categories. Although the classifications are not strict, it may either be Round, Square, Oval, Heart Shaped, Diamond Shaped, or Triangular.


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Round faces have fewer angles, wide cheekbones and forehead. These types should steer clear of circular frames (sorry, no John Lennon specs) to avoid emphasizing their already round face. Instead, they can go for frames with angles like aviators or square ones.

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Individuals with square-shaped faces have (you guessed it) more angular features. Like the round face, however, they too have wide set cheekbones and forehead. Squared faces should go for sunglasses with more curves like teardrops to give their features a smoother look.


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Like the Square and Round face, Oval shaped faces have wide cheekbones but instead, a narrowing forehead. These people are the lucky ones when it comes to choosing sunglasses because almost all frame shapes fit them. However, they still have to be careful not to choose frames that are wider than their face.


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Heart shaped faces have a wide forehead which tapers down to their chin. Square frames provide the most contrast to this face shape and are their best option.


Diamond shaped faces have a narrow forehead, wide cheeks, and a narrow chin. This face shape is most similar to the oval and can pretty much carry any frame for as long as the width does not exceed the widest part of their face, which is their cheeks.


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The complete opposite of the heart-shaped, a triangular face has a narrow forehead and a strong chin. People with this face shape can wear frames with a slight curve like teardrops or wayfarers to contrast the rigid look that comes with a strong chin.

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