If you’ve never seen the pec pop of love, we took it upon ourselves to put the video here.

Now, if what we’ve been led to believe is true, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s tip to attract the ladies is to get a stronger chest and pecs. That’s The Rock, so who are we to question his advice?

But seriously, aside from the abdomen, the chest is the next best muscle to work on if you want a powerful look to your torso. As much as they’re great, the abs can’t work alone. So, listen up, add this to your multi-joint workout routine if you still don’t have it to improve chest activation and develop a powerful set of pecs.

Dumbbell Bench Press

Get into the starting position of keeping your back flat on the bench. Fitness trainer, Mike Thurston suggests arching your back a little bit to pull your shoulders a little lower than normal. Start with your dumbbell in your hand, arms up in front of you. Slowly try to make your shoulder blades meet in the middle while you lower your arms to shoulder level. Remember: while you bend your elbows, make sure your hands are perpendicular to them. Let it stay at the lowest position for a few seconds to feel your chest activated. Lift them back up and repeat.

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Close-grip Weighted Push-up

Obviously, you get into your standard push-up position. This time, however, you’re going to position your hands an inch or two inside your shoulder’s width. Make sure you can still balance yourself while doing this. Then, have a friend put a weighted plate on your back. Not only do you have to balance yourself now, but you also have to balance the plate. From here, do your standard push-up reps.

Cable Crossovers

First, of course, grab the handles of the cables and position your arms at chest level in front of you. Get into a staggered stance with one foot in front, and one foot at the back. Let the cables pull your arms back and squeeze in your shoulder blades. Remember to always keep your torso straight and locked throughout the routine.

Kettlebell Flys

Get into the same position as you did with the dumbbell bench press. Grab the kettlebells how you normally would and lay down on the bench press. Let the bells fangle on the outside of your arms. Slowly, squeeze your shoulder blades tight and lower the bells. As you do, make sure you slightly bend at the elbows with your arms staying perpendicular to them. Let it stay for a while in the lowest position you could before slowly pushing them back up again.


Forward-leaning Dips

Place your hands on the bars and push yourself up until your elbows are locked. Now, while suspended in midair, make sure you’re leaning forward, and you have your shoulders pinched back with your chest out. Cross your feet and start to lower yourself, still observing the above position. The only joints that are going to move are your elbows. Your shoulders are still retracted, your chest still out, and you’re still leaning forward. Now, push yourself up again in the same locked position. Repeat until you can’t anymore.

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