For Star Wars Day, Alab Pilipinas strength coach makes Star Wars-inspired workout

May 4, 2020
PHOTO: @chappycallanta | Instagram

TODAY, May 4, is unofficially known as Star Wars Day. Why? Well, “May the Fourth be with you.”

It’s a Star Wars thing.

Well, it turns out Chappy Callanta, strength and conditioning coach of Alab Pilipinas and SPIN Life fitness columnist, is very into Star Wars things.

He even made a Star Wars-inspired kettlebell workout for May the 4th.

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Callanta creatively renamed the exercises with Star Wars-inspired names, and turned his youngest daughter into a little Yoda he carried around on his back, Empire Strikes Back-style.

Here’s the breakdown, if you want to do it at home.

Stormtrooper Marches (single kettlebell front rack march in place), 10 reps per side
Skywalker Swings (single arm kettlebell swing), 10 reps per side
Palpatine Pushups (explosive pushup to palms out), 10 reps
Solo Shrugs (double kettlebell shrug), 10 reps
Death Star Jumps (jumping jack), 10 reps
Yoda Carry Squats (weighted squat), 10 reps
Do 2-3 sets or as a circuit

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In an interview with SPIN Life, Callanta said that renaming the exercises was the hardest part of the workout. “But I tried to be true to the films,” he said.

The pushups, for example, are a nod to Emperor Palpatine throwing bolts of lightning to heroes Rey and (spoiler) Kylo Ren in Episode IX, while the Solo Shrug is a homage to Han Solo’s signature pose.

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“My wife and I have been Star Wars fans for life,” Callanta admitted. “We named our son Luke. I would like to think [it’s] from the Bible, but it’s really from the famous Skywalker.”

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PHOTO: @chappycallanta | Instagram
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