(Don't) fear the beard: Here's a guide on best products to grow, clean and style your beard

Mar 1, 2018

HAVE you ever looked in the mirror and wondered: “What will beard product do for my beard?”

We’re with you on this journey to facial hair fulfillment, from combs for your fuzz to shampoo for your face, but first let us ask one burning question: What is beard oil and can it help in making me look like the manly man I've always dreamed of becoming?

First off, beard oil is basically a hair conditioner, but for your facial hair. This means that it’s made to soften and style your face fuzz while also making sure that your skin doesn’t look crusty or get beardruff (read: beard dandruff).

Second, what beard oil does for your growth actually depends on what’s in the juice—learn how to read an ingredients list. Keep an eye out for oils like rosemary oil, castor oil, which are often used for lash/brow/bald spot growth! Plus, with rosemary oil, you get a great scent and less itching.

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According to WebMD, “Rosemary oil may help you get a thicker, shinier mane. In one study, 6 months of treatment worked as well as 2 percent minoxidil against alopecia, a common form of hair loss in men and women. And it was less likely to cause an itchy scalp.” As for vitamin E, it’s less of a growth promoter and more of a healthy growth promoter—it’s best for skin and dryness.

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So yes, beard oil can help you grow your patches out, but it all depends on if your product has particular mane-thickening ingredients. Also, no, it’s not a miracle balm that’ll give your baby face a bush overnight—these mostly work on people with existing facial hair.

And now, here's a list of things you may need for your face-fuzz growing endeavor.


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This locally made product contains all of the good stuff, like castor oil, vitamin E, even argan and jojoba for those anti-‘druff and anti-itch needs, with a bonus of lavender oil for a great relaxing scent.

THE BEARDED GENT Beard Oil, P350/20ml, www.thebeardedgent.ph


A trusted beard product brand, The Bearded Chap’s Beard Balm is a tried and tested anti-itch and anti-beardruff solution that’s non-greasy. The woodsy and citrusy scent is subtle enough to be on your face all day, especially with the matching Beard Balm. While the oil is for treating, the Balm is for styling—it serves as long wearing wax that protects your fuzz from dirt and pollution AND styles it, all while still keeping the texture natural.

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THE BEARDED CHAP Beard Oil and Beard Balm, P1599 each, www.beardedpinoy.com


Their site describes it as “a rich and complex blend of essential oils which combine the luxurious base notes of honeyed fresh tobacco leaves, dusty aromatic frankincense, maple-like benzoin, woody oak moss and warm exotic vanilla bean, layered with mid notes of fresh hops and sweet bog myrtle finished with the top notes of spice from the bay rum tree and zesty orange.”

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RICKI HALL Booze & Baccy Beard Oil, P900/10mL, www.beardedpinoy.com


Not an oil or balm, but a soap is definitely on your needs list—this one is a cult fave that deep cleanses, deodorizes, and moisturizes. Plus, you can use the lather for shaving too.

GRANDPA’S PINE TAR SOAP, P400, www.beardedpinoy.com

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This story originally appeared on FHM.com.ph.

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