These diamond sneakers are among the outrageous gifts for fancy people

Dec 24, 2018

YOU can't just throw money at the problem. You'll need a more considered and even creative approach for the Hard-to-Shop-Fors. Maybe the gift is very expensive, but leave a note about how you want them to use it. Maybe the gift is not expensive, but they will like it because it bubbles (more on that below). Here, a few suggestions that will impress the picky, choosy, or particular

1| For the Tween Who Needs a Bag for School

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Do you know that some folks buy baby versions of luxury bags as, you know, school bags for their little girls? This is the same idea, but full-size and, more important, made by the venerable leather house Hermès. Kelly Ado Backpack by Hermès, Greenbelt 4

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2| For the Aunt Who Does Not Drink Still Water

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Why does anyone need a paper cup that's not a paper cup but really a bone china liquid receptacle? Just because. (Do not microwave.) Bone China Paper Cup by Tiffany, Rustan's Makati

3| For the Mommy Who Needs a Bag

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Despite having a kitchen team that's big enough to run a small restaurant, she insists on going to the market herself. This tote (in a delicious camel calfskin) will be perfect for tomatoes, potatoes, and whatnots. Get the large. Fortezza Tote by Furla, Greenbelt 5

4| For the Grandfather Who Hates Black

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Lolo has abandoned all semblance of normalness and just does whatever the hell he wants, including banning all things black from the house (because it reminds him of what's next). These shoes will give him life. Oxford Shoes by Umber, Rustan's Makati

5| For the Wife When She is at Home

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She calls your house a humble home, but really your digs, which she designed herself, is more like a boutique hotel. Naturally, her at-home slippers are slingbacks with studs. Drama Shoe by Christian Louboutin, Rustan's Makati

6| For the Family Who Eats Out

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By "family," we mean your family, and by "eats out," we mean "indulges in a luxury outdoor dining experience." This harness and the silver plated flatware within (comes separate)-is too precious to give to other weekend enthusiasts. Christofle Mood Nomade Bridle and Flatware Set, Rustan's Makati

7| For the Uncle Who Does Not Want Gifts

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He'd rather you donate to charity than buy a gift. This writing instrument (that's what they call it) is both an altruistic exercise and a present. Part of its purchase price goes to the Global Fund, the organization that fights AIDS. M Red Fountain Pen by Montblanc, Rustan's Makati

8| For the Hypebeast Who Loves Sneakers

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The only way to stand out among other sneakerheads is by wearing a sneaker fashioned after a diamond. Peep the crystal-encrusted sole. Diamond Sneakers by Jimmy Choo,

9| For the Cousin Who Fancies Himself a Dandy

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He's always poring over his dog-eared copy of Take Ivy or mulling the meaning of life with a Dubbonet in hand. This shirt with its soft blue stripes will fit in perfectly with his daily wear of brown penny loafers and sweaters draped artfully over his shoulder. Shirt and tie by T.M. Lewin

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10| For the Influencer Who is Growing Her Followers

A pair of look-at-me sunglasses further cements her status as a micro-influencer on Insta, YouTube, Twitter, and FB. Helping her edit her OOTD with your advanced app skills maintains your friendship. #eyeenvy #famousbff #fun Sunglasses by Dolce & Gabbana, Vision Express

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11| For the Frequent Flier Who is Paranoid

What he'll like most is not the distinct color nor the compact size (though those are great, too), but the RFID blocking feature that protects data on his passport and Black Amex from high-tech shenanigans. Identity theft is a real thing, okay! Notting Hill Zip Wallet by Vaultskin, Rustan's Makati

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12| For the Gen Z Baby Who Likes Fruit

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What the young, thin, and beautiful (for now) prefer are fragrances that smell yummy, and this particular bottle, in case you're not sure what a fruit implies, is just that: syrupy sweet. Bella by Nina Ricci

13| For the Person Who Takes a Lot of Baths

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That would be everyone, we hope! Point is: This fizzy bath bomb is for the people you don't know well, but need in life: Lucy, the accountant, Glen from tech support, Andy, who does your job for you. Or was her name Mandy? Bath Bomb by The Body Shop

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