Gym Hygiene 101

Dec 11, 2014
Keep it clean: Visit the gym for a workout, not the germs.   

YOU go to the gym for your health. The last thing you want is to get sick during your fitness routine.

Adopting a level of hygiene can help make your time at the gym cleaner and safer for us and our fellow gym rats. Make it a habit to clean the equipment before you use it.

Unfortunately, some folks fail to wipe down sweaty gym equipment. There have been cases of people using water bottles, towels and toiletries that weren’t actually theirs. A few even went to the gym despite being sick, coughing and sneezing and there are cases of busy bodies who admitted not washing their gym clothes between workouts.

Maintaining good gym hygiene can somewhat limit your exposure to germs that cause cold, flu, athlete’s foot, and staph infection. You can also stand out as a positive influence to the members of your health club and earn points for being a good neighbor.

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Here are a few tips to protect you in your next visit to the gym:

Get a good H20 bottle. Plastic water bottles tend to hold bacteria and you are better off using the metal variety. After every use, wash it in hot, soapy water. Be attentive and always make sure you can see your bottle to make sure no one steals a drink when you’re not looking.

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Wipe, wash, repeat. Constantly wipe down equipment and your hands. After using each machine or set of weights, use a hand sanitizer/ wet wipes to fight germs.

Clean your gear. Fungi thrive in dark, dirty and moist environments. Make sure your gym bag does not fit this description. Dirty and wet clothes should be kept inside a plastic bag which should emptied out immediately into the laundry pile soon as you get home. Rubber shoes should also be kept in a separate plastic bag. After using, wipe them clean with a disinfected wipe (outsole included) and should be air dried.

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Fight fungus in the shower. Use rubber flip-flops when taking a shower to provide a barrier between your feet and the floors to help prevent fungus infection. It is advisable to soak your rubber sandals in a 10% bleach solution once in a while.

Take a rest day. Don’t go to the gym if you have a bad cold and you’re sneezing and your nose is running. If you have an open wound stay away from the gym since you might infect anything you might touch during your workout.

Stay out of the water. If you have an open wound or a skin, do not in under any circumstance use the jacuzzis or common pools. Doing so can transmit bacteria but at the same time make you more susceptible to bacteria present in the water.

We also suggest that you take a multivitamin to strengthen your immune system.

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Keep it clean: Visit the gym for a workout, not the germs.   
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