NBA Style: Let Jordan Clarkson show you how to keep it simple, but effective

Feb 12, 2020

On the NBA pregame tunnel walk, you’re starting to see two types of guys.

There are players who wear Supreme hoodies and rare sneakers — regular stuff that regular guys covet.Then there are the stuntmen (perhaps best embodied by Russell Westbrook) — players who try for high fashion, with outfits that are purposely strange, attention-grabbing, and limit-pushing.

And just like in a fashion week runway, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

This week, we were treated to at least two fine examples of that, courtesy of Serge Ibaka and Andre Iguodala, in this week’s best and worst outfits of the NBA pre-game tunnel walk. Check it:


James Harden, before Rockets vs. Lakers

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James Harden takes after fellow Rocket Russell Westbrook in trying some daring things in the tunnel. But here, he wins by keeping it simple with tip-to-toe Louis Vuitton.

Andre Iguodala, before Grizzlies vs. Raptors

On paper, this isn’t supposed to work. It is, after all, a ratty, tattered sweater vest. Nothing about that sounds good. But Andre Iguodala dared to wear it, and somehow, managed to make it a serious dad style drip. Maybe it’s the band collar shirt, maybe it’s the cut of the sweater vest itself, or maybe it’s just the confidence.

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Jordan Clarkson, before Jazz vs. Rockets

On the hardwood, everyone’s favorite Filipino-American NBA player is shaping up to be the perfect sixth Jazzman. Off the hardwood, he keeps proving that he’s got a keen eye for simple but effective outfits.

LeBron James, before Lakers vs. Rockets

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Weeks ago, Ben Simmons stepped out in what is quite possibly the perfect leather jacket. But as always, LeBron James challenges, with a leather jacket of his own and a pair of Nike’s new Space Hippies. Plus, the all-white luggage pulls the look together.

PJ Tucker, before Rockets vs. Lakers

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It’s shorts season in Los Angeles, and PJ Tucker got the memo. But he went and poured a little extra sauce on his outfit by throwing that jacket on. But the biggest flex of this outfit? A #veryrare pair of Zoom Kobe 2 ‘All-Stars’.


Tyler Herro, before Heat vs. Sixers

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Chrome pants are an advanced style move. In fact, wearing anything that shiny is a privilege that must be earned. At 19 years old, Tyler Herro isn’t quite there yet, and the silver shirt isn’t doing him any favors, too. In this outfit, he looks more like he’s about to hit the club — not the best look when he’s technically about to clock in to work.

Serge Ibaka, before Raptors vs. Pacers

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Three words: Big ass scarf. BIG. ASS. SCARF.

OG Anunoby, before Raptors vs. Pacers

Did Serge and OG just decide one day that this week was going to be Big Ass Scarf Week? It’s tough to say who looks more ridiculous. But hey, at least they’re cozy.

Jordan Poole, before Warriors vs. Nets

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That hoodie’s got the sort of trippy tribal print that was popular back in 2008. Frankly, it’s not the kind of thing you’ll expect to see in stylish Brooklyn.

Kyle Kuzma, before Lakers vs. Rockets

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Here’s a prime example of a look that seems like a flex in your head, but ends up looking like a disaster. We can imagine that Kyle Kuzma thought those glasses were going to be a groundbreaking style move. But in reality, he wound up looking like the keytar player of an ‘80s cover band.

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