Take your grooming to the next level with these tried and tested treatments

Jan 26, 2018
Instant pogi

LOOK, we know you’re already extremely handsome, just the way you are.

But surely, it wouldn’t hurt to go the extra mile to look your absolute final form best, right? After all, even the prettiest girls go to great lengths to get their look on point.

Try these grooming upgrades.

1) A fancy haircut

If you still haven’t experienced one, then you need to start here. While your friendly neighborhood barbero can easily (and cheaply) get the job done, a cut at a more upscale barbershop is still worth the splurge. Aside from a bangin’ haircut experience, you’ll also get a rinse, a relaxing massage, and a ‘do that’s styled to perfection.

Try: Cut & Wash (P400) at Back Alley Barbershop.

2) Face masks

There’s a reason why your girlfriend is so addicted to face masks—they do wonders for her complexion. You can join her on one of her sheet masking sessions, or, if you’ve got oily skin, get a clay mask and slather it all over your face. Do it while you play DOTA or something.

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Try: Leaders Insolution Sheet Masks (available at SM Department Stores) or Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask (P495 at Healthy Options).

3) A manicure/pedicure

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They say by simply observing a man’s hands, you’ll be able tell if he plays any instruments, if he does manual labor, if he’s married or not, if he has good hygienic habits, if he has a crack habit, etc. so make sure yours are in top condition by going to a professional nail technician for a manicure. Also, to the sportsmen out there, a pedicure feels damn good afterwards, no lie.

Try: Manos For Men at Manos Nail Lounge, BGC.

4) A facial

Facials aren’t just for pimple-prone folks: they can help fend off wrinkles, soothe your skin, lighten dark spots, and give you a nice, healthy glow. You can also have your warts or milia (that’s what you call those tiny whitish bumps on your face, usually near your eyes and nose) removed via electrocautery at an additional cost.

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Try: MaxiLight Facial and Warts Removal at SkinStation.

5) Hair treatments

Plagued by a receding hairline or a bad case of dandruff? Don’t just whine about it—do something to fix it! An afternoon at a salon for a scalp treatment will help stop the rot.

Try: Anti-dandruff or Anti-thinning treatments (P1,350) at Felipe And Sons.

6) A foot peel

Got yucky, calloused feet? Believe it or not, there are “masks” that can make the skin on your darling tootsies peel off in sheets, giving you incredibly soft, unbelievably smooth soles in just a few days. Just try to avoid wearing sandals or slippers while your feet are peeling—no one wants to see your shedding feet.

Try: Baby Foot Peel, P830, Beauty Bar.

7) Teeth whitening

Want a better, brighter smile for your family photos? A teeth whitening treatment can give you an instant artista-worthy grin. You’ll have to stay away from acidic and staining food for a few days—which can get pretty rough during the holidays—but your megawatt smile will be worth it.

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Try: Whitening Treatment (starts at P2,999) at The Smile Bar.

8) A chemical peel

If you’ve got a really bad case of acne scars and pock marks, a chemical peel might do your mug some good. Mild peels entail virtually zero downtime, but can take longer before you start seeing results. Stronger treatments, meanwhile, can see your face peeling for days, but will leave your skin looking fresh AF.

(Consult with a legit derma first before undergoing a chemical peel, as your face situation might not be as severe as you think!)

Try: Obagi Blue Peel at House of Obagi.

9) A boyzilian

If you’ve got a girlfriend who makes an effort to have her pubes painfully waxed off every month, lucky you. That said, return the favor by getting a boyzilian: your woman will be pleased by your hair-free privates, and the pain will make you realize just how much she loves you.

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Try: BCC (Full Back and Full Boyzilian), P3,500, at Strip Ministry of Waxing.

This story originally appeared on FHM.com.ph.

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