Are adidas NMDs still hype? 

May 17, 2018

WE'VE gone full circle with the NMD. From space-age aesthetic, Adidas has decided to stick an old-school gum sole on the R1 for their latest release. It's a subtle tweak that's easy to spot whether you're on the move or kicking your feet up, but the collection has us thinking: Are the NMD's hype days over?

Aside from brown bottoms, the latest release also comes in three tonal colorways:

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Gum soles have a classic sneaker vibe (and won't get as filthy as the normal crisp white bottoms), but it's the fact that these R1's are hued firmly for the daily beater category that has us thinking. You often drop the money on a relatively lowkey pair of sneakers like these when you don't have your eyes set on a more hyped pair–like these NMD Hu "China Exclusive" pairs, which are literally only to be sold in China this month, for example.

China Exclusive Hu_NMD. Extremely Limited. Coming soon! ????????

A post shared by Human Race NMD (@hu_nmd) on Apr 21, 2018 at 12:21am PDT

Maybe the rise of the CS2 version—aka the sock shoe—has stolen the normal NMD's thunder or maybe we're just fatigued because it reached nuclear levels of hype for a while and you couldn't go anywhere without seeing a pair.

What we are sure about, though, is that social media can make a shoe feel laos real quick because of overexposure, and the omnipresence of The Feed can make something feel like it's been around forever when actually it hasn't been too long. Do you remember when the original NMD dropped? It was December 2015, which makes us just two and a half years deep into its lifespan. Compare that to how long stuff like the Stan Smith has been around and how we've also got people saying that shoe got played out.

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So, are you ready to move on from this silhouette or has it already found its way into your lifetime shoe rotation?

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