Beat the heat and look good at the same time with these stylish chino shorts

Apr 23, 2018
Stand out in shorts season. 

SHORTS season doesn’t have to mean slob season!

A well-rounded selection means having your athletic shorts, cozy knits, easy drawstring shorts and a good rotation of chinos to cap things off. And because the heat is just unbearable on some days, exposing your hairy legs for the world to see shouldn't be such a hard decision to make.

Here are our top picks, which we're sure will seamlessly fit into your wardrobe.

1) Uniqlo Chino Shorts – Black

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Black isn’t the first color you’d think of when it comes to chinos, but trust us, a solid black pair will come in handy more than you think!

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2) Uniqlo Chino Shorts – Floral Blue

From the land of basics, they also pack some neat patterns. Here’s a tropical pair that won’t clash with a bright tropical shirt.

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3) Penshoppe Regular Fit Chinos

Remember what we said about black? Well, add a black-base patterned pair to the rotation, too. Here’s a camo option that does a terrible job at being lowkey.

P799, Penshoppe

4) Penshoppe Modern Fit Chinos

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If you truly believe in the gains of countless leg days, then cop a “modern fit” pair. AKA let those man thighs shine.

P799, Penshoppe

5) Cotton On Washed Chinos

Stripes aren’t just for shirts and shoes, get the nautical vibe on your shorts too.

Price available upon request, Cotton On

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6) Straightforward Summer Shorts - Yellow

Khaki is cool, but if you already have lots of brown, kick things up to the sunnier shades available.


7) Straightforward Summer Shorts - Lime

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Another alternate colorway is going green with your chinos. Start with a light shade like this one.


8) Zara Textured Weave Shorts - Blue

Don’t let that price scare you away btw—it’s because it comes with the belt.


9) Zara Textured Weave Shorts - Red

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Ever wear red shorts? Yeah, it’s tough. Here’s the solution to that.


10) Zara Cotton Shorts

Don’t forget a white pair! Whip them out when you’ve already got a nice tan going on.


11) Vans Range Chino Shorts

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Not all chinos have to be dressy! This Vans take on the pair is made extra lightweight for summer comfort.

Price available upon request, Vans

12) Volcom Gritter Thrifter Shorts

This one features a raw seam that creates a more rugged version of the chino.

P2,870, Volcom

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Stand out in shorts season. 
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