Bruce Bowen sneaks in round of golf during Philippine visit
Bruce Bowen got to test Wack Wack Golf and Country Club with Oliver Gan of the PSI.

FORMER Spurs star Bruce Bowen managed to sneak in a round of golf during his short Philippine visit for several NBA Finals events for Filipino fans.

The three-time NBA champion played at Wack Wack Golf and Country Club with the Philippine Sports Institute’s Oliver Gan, a fellow jungolf advocate.

An NCR program officer for the PSI, Gan was pleased to walk the fairways with Bowen, who runs the Bruce Bowen golf tournament for athletes and students of his alma mater Cal State Fullerton.

Gan recently hosted a golf tournament also at Wack Wack to raise funds for the Junior Golfers League and Junior Golfers Foundation of the Philippines players competing in international tournaments.

“All we want is to give back to the sport of golf,” said Gan.

“The important thing is the development of junior. We want to help kids with potential to improve their game, and with it we’ll be able to help golf in general in our country,” added Gan.

Gan was able to raise money from the event with support from friends in the golf community including Puwersa ng Bayaning Atleta Reps. Jericho Nograles and Mark Zambar, as well as Tiffany Copok of the JGFP.

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