Defending champion Global FC drops Jason de Jong, other standouts ahead of UFL League kickoff
Global FC surprisingly dropped Most Valuable Player Jason de Jong and other standouts heading into the new United Football League season.

GLOBAL FC will be without its most valuable player and a few other standouts when it defends its crown in the United Football League that kicks off tentatively on February 7.

The league champion has unexpectedly dropped reigning Golden Ball awardee Jason de Jong from its roster, although the 24-year-old midfielder has been labeled “Not Free to Sign” along with some booters, meaning they remain under contract with their respective clubs, which require first their approval if other squads try to tap the players’ services -- according to league rules.

Iranian striker Milad Behgandom, defenders Delon Patrick Ya and German Rodriguez, and young midfielder Paolo Bugas have also been released, leaving the powerhouse club with holes to fill.

Global coach Leigh Manson could not be reached as of post time to explain the decision to drop De Jong, who retired from international play last October, and the rest of their key players.

Other teams have likewise made surprising decisions to unload key players inside the dropping deadline last Wednesday.

UFL Football Alliance League Cup titlist and newly promoted side Ceres-La Salle has dropped Korean midfielder Kim Jin Ho and oft-injured Azkals utility man Carli de Murga, while Ghanaian defensive stalwarts Baba Sampana and Sam Bonney have seen the end of their stint with UFL Cup champion Loyola Meralco.

Kaya FC has parted ways with Emmanuel Mbata, while Green Archers United released Under-23 Azkal defender Boiboi Fernandez.

Manila Jeepney, another Division 1 rookie, let go of Ref Cuaresma and Mikko Mabanag.

The transfer window continues with the addition of players until January 21, with the final rosters set to be known a day later.

See the complete list of dropped players below.




  1. CAPOLEI, Kevin Umberto (14-0382) - Not free to sign
  2. KIM, Jin Ho (14-0403) - Not free to sign
  3. MARTINEZ DE MURGA (14-0387) - Not free to sign


  1. ALI, Mahmoud (14-0210)
  2. BEHGANDOM, Milad (14-0189)
  3. BORLONGAN, Jeremiah (not registered with UFL but appears on the current Team Roster)
  4. BUGAS, Paolo (14-0201) - Not free to sign
  5. BRIONES, Edgar Ramon (14-0200)
  6. DE JONG, Jason Nicolas Maria (14-0172) - Not free to sign
  7. DELON, Patrick Yao (14-0187)
  8. OCAÑA, Christian Felipe (14-0199)
  9. RODRIGUEZ, German Edahi (14-0198)


  1. ABALUNAN, Francis Jay (14-0354)
  2. DIAMANTE, Derrico Gabriel (14-0339) - Not free to sign
  3. FERNANDEZ, Raymark Kenneth (14-0364)
  4. GARCIA, Diego Xavier (14-0342) - Not free to sign
  5. KWEON, Dae Eun (not registered with UFL but appears on the current Team Roster)
  6. LAYUMAS, Gerald Mark (14-0340) - Not free to sign


  1. DEL ROSARIO, Dominic Liam (14-0060) - with PTC in favor of JP Voltes FC
  2. MBATA, Ameachi Emmanuel (14-0065)


  1. BONNEY, Samuel (14-0006)
  2. ESPINOSA, William (14-0022)
  3. MARENCO, Pedro Antonio (14-0021)
  4. SAMPANA, Baba (14-0009)
  5. SILITONGA, Reuben Raya (14-0020)


  1. AMITA, Arnel (14-0265) - Not free to sign
  2. CUBON, Reymart (14-0268) - Not free to sign
  3. CUARESMA, Ref Delany (14-0376)
  4. EBANDA, William Herve (14-0017)
  5. FERRER, Nicolas (14-0261) - Not free to sign
  6. GIGANTO, Eric Ben (14-0264) - Not free to sign
  7. JURAO, Angelou Val (14-0262) - Not free to sign
  8. MABANAG, Michael Jerremy (not registered with UFL but appears on the current Team Roster) - Not free to sign
  9. MENZI,Michael (14-0423) - Not free to sign
  10. SANGARE, Mamadou (14-0001)
  11. VANDELLI, Nicolas Paul Renard (14-0004)


  1. CLARINO, Randolfo Paolo (14-0313)
  2. JAFARY DASTJERDI, Shayan (14-0321)
  3. KHOSHGAVAR, Behrouz (14-0323)
  4. MUROS, Niño (14-0327) - Not free to sign
  5. PARK, Yi Young (14-0335) - Not free to sign
  6. SAFARIAN SIAHMAZGI, Khosro (14-0329)
  7. SALENGA, Paolo (14-0316)
  8. SANTOS, Francisco Jose Primo (14-0318) - Not free to sign
  9. VILLANUEVA, Nathaniel Ace (14-0328) - Not free to sign


  1. JEON, Shin Seok (14-0181) - Not free to sign
  2. NAM, Gi Won (14-0182) - Not free to sign


  1. ALBIÑO, Joevic (14-0259)
  2. ALQUIROS, Nathan (14-0271) - Not free to sign
  3. CARRASCOSA, Angel Muñoz (14-0255)
  4. DIOP, Ousseynou (not on the current Team Roster) - with PTC in favor of Green Archers United FC)
  5. KIM, Dong Hyun (14-0249)
  6. MUÑOZ, Wilson (14-0252)
  7. NIERRAS, Matthew Erwin Thomas (14-0270) - Not free to sign
  8. NUNES, Cicero Vieira Machado (14-0273)
  9. SIM, Hong Bo (14-0310)
  10. TAN, Andrew Antonio (14-0309) - Not free to sign


  1. CALLES (ARGUELLES), Pablo (not registered with UFL but appears on the current Team Roster)
  2. DINGLASAN, John Philip (not registered with UFL but appears on the current Team Roster)
  3. JANG, Dong Hee (14-0412)
  4. KIM, Tae Yun (14-0429)
  5. KRAUSE, Federico Luis Otto (14-0232)
  6. MEILAN, Ivan (14-0424)
  7. PARK, Hae Bin (14-0410)
  8. PARK, Kyul (14-0405)
  9. TRIGO, Tomas Angel (14-0234)
  10. YUHICO, Manuel Mateo Senen (14-0219)





  1. BURDA, Stephen Juriel (14-0045)
  2. DIBI TANO, Pascal Cedric (14-0041)
  3. DIMAANO, Renz Matthew (14-0044)
  4. SABRIDO, Ramel (14-0052)
  5. SISSAKO, Mahamadou (not registered with UFL but appears on the current Team Roster)
  6. VILLAREAL, Reynald (14-0046)


  1. RICONALLA, Mike Kevin (14-0435)
  2. YUVIENCO, Michael Rene (14-0295)


  1. CAHILIG, Ariel (14-0109)
  2. DIAZ, William (14-0090)
  3. JONES, CHristopher (14-0089)
  4. OBIANG, Alex (14-0099)
  5. SERY, Remi Serge-Alain (not registered with UFL but appears on the current Team Roster)
  6. VALEROSO, Mark Alvin (14-0102)


NOTE:  Based on UFL League 2014 roster (players were dropped prior to FA League Cup 2014)

  1. BAYEMEG, Simon Pierre
  2. DIABYRA, Aboubacar
  3. DUMAGAN, Paulie
  4. FATEH, Hamed
  5. GLACCIO, Reymart
  6. JUANENGO, Patrick Jerome
  7. MINYEM, Fils Steve Emmanuel
  8. NEJAD SAFAVI, Peyman Cabarrus
  9. PIERSON, Russel Anthony
  10. RETUYA, Cynold Brett
  11. SALIGAN, Benny Dick
  12. TORRES, Jay

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