What reviews are saying about ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’

Apr 9, 2020

BECAUSE of the enhanced community quarantine, Pinoy gamers breathlessly awaiting the latest Final Fantasy need to sit still a wee bit longer.

Yesterday, major video game retailer DataBlitz even had to roll out an online form to reassure antsy fans who pre-ordered the video game before the pandemic hit.

Lucky, locked-down Pinoy gamers with stable internet connections will be able to download the game when it goes live digitally on April 10. But publisher Square Enix shipped the game early in Europe and Australia, and of course major video game reviewers have already taken a crack at it and posted their thoughts.

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The prognosis? It’s a fine game. Here’s what they’re saying about the remade RPG classic:

It really fleshes out the world you only saw in a brief 10-hour sequence in the original PSOne game.

From Game Informer: “A whole settlement replaces the few static screens that once represented the sector 7 slums. Wall Market is now a lawless den of sin rather than a few sketchy tents. These areas feel like natural extensions of the world, building the lore and adding context to characters’ interactions. However, a few new zones feel like overcomplicated padding, such as a prolonged and uneventful journey under the sector 5 plate.”

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The new real time battle system is a blast.

From The Verge: “The remake is much more action-oriented. Battles happen in real time, and at its most basic level, FFVIIR is a bit like a brawler. But there’s depth hidden there. You can use basic attacks whenever you want, but every other action — using items, casting spells, pulling off special attacks — is on a timer. In most battles, you can simply slash your way through enemies. But in the tougher fights, figuring out when to heal or saving a killing blow for just the right moment become crucial strategies.”

The characters and story are more fully sketched out.

From Eurogamer: “Characters you know and love are fizzing with new life and personality, their expressions and movements and little asides capturing the essence of what made them so iconic and enduring. Even the dialogue — which some feared would be stilted given a few previews — mostly hits the mark.”

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It’s a visually stunning game with a killer OST that lives up to its legacy.

From Kotaku: “And Final Fantasy VII Remake’s production values really are impressive. The soundtrack, a brand new take on Nobuo Uematsu’s stirring original music, is full of straight bangers including some wonderful spins on the themes of characters like Aerith and Tifa. Some of the setpieces feel straight out of Uncharted, complete with death-defying leaps across falling debris. Midgar is as beautifully gritty as anyone might hope, and this remake offers a close-up perspective that helps you see the city’s class struggle more intimately.”

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The changes to the story and the pace may divide fans.

From USGamer: “This approach unfortunately feeds into the nagging feeling that Final Fantasy 7 Remake is one five hour quest that's been bloated into 30 hours, which it obviously is.”

Also from Kotaku: “Days after finishing the game, I’m still trying to grapple with the consequences of Final Fantasy VII Remake’s ending, which will be heatedly debated in the weeks and months to come. It’s still not clear just what the developers at Square Enix plan to do next.”

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