Will this be how good the PS5's graphics are going to look?

May 14, 2020
PHOTO: Epic Games

NOW that’s what you call flex.

Epic Games has announced a new version of its graphic engine called Unreal Engine 5, which will be used to power the next-generation of video games. To show off the power of this new engine, they released a very Tomb Raider-inspired tech demo recorded live from a PS5 developer kit.

Needless to say, it looks stunning. If you want to skip ahead to the graphics, jump straight to the 1:21 mark on the video.

Take note, this is just a tech demo — playable, says Epic Games, but still a tech demo. It can show off graphical capabilities, but may not be fully representative of actual game footage as it doesn't need to deal with the hundreds of other processes that come with full-fledged games.

Still, it's looking very impressive.

The new graphics engine shows off Lumen, its photo-realistic new lighting system, and Nanite, a new system for rendering wide-scale environmental geometry on the fly. Of course, beyond the fancy catchwords and the nosebleed developer talk, it just looks damned good. The amount of visual detail in each frame, down to the level of the little shadows on the rocks, is insane.

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It's not just a matter of looks, it's also a matter of performance. Epic Games promises that this new toolkit will capably render in real time without losing quality. According to The Verge, developers will be able to create eye-popping environmental assets "with a much less time- and resource-intensive manual process."

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PHOTO: Epic Games
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