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    Wed, May 31

    Tundra wins TI11 after sweep of Team Secret

    by gab pe
    Oct 30, 2022

    TUNDRA ESPORTS has cracked the Secret code as they completely stomped Team Secret en route to a sweep of The International 2022 Grand Finals.

    With the win they take the home the lion's share of the $18,860,079 prize pool, winning $8,487,009 (more than P492 million).

    Tundra Esports are the TI11 champs

    All three games had a close early game with Secret staying close to Tundra’s net worth, at times even grabbing it for themselves. However, Tundra managed to find a way to regain the lead and momentum.

    During game one it was thanks to the teams impressive roaming and gank, with Wu “Sneyking” Jingjun’s Mirana landing massive arrows while midlaner Leon “Nine” Kirilin followed up with his Tusk Snowball. But it was the Oliver “skiter” Lepko show on his Naga Siren that decimated Secret.

    His mastery of the Naga illusion allowed him to grab 906 Gold Per Minute (GPM) in that game. He was also able to apply riptide damage and debuff to most of Secret’s heroes during team fights, destroying what little armor they had left. His GPM also earned the record for the 3rd most GPM in TI history.

    Game 2 was almost the same affair as Secret found a small 3k lead in the early game as they constantly picked off Tundra’s support Phoenix and Marci. But Tundra would claw back in the 21st minute as they took down three Secret heroes to even out the gold draft.

    An uncheck Arc Warden and Chaos Knight would propel Tundra’s advantage allowing them to take down their first tier three tower by the 31st minute. However, Secret managed to hold on to their Barrack taking down 4 Tundra heroes.


    Unfortunately, Secret’s mistakes didn’t help them either. A 37-minute misplay from Zayac saw Secret lose their midlane Morphling and Tusk after they snowballed into the waiting arms of a smoked Tundra. This was the breaking point as Tundra was able to take Roshan and siege high ground grab mega creeps forcing the GGs in under 40-minutes.

    Secret kept close in game three as they managed to mount great team fights to prevent any form of snowball from Tundra. Nisha’s midlane Ember Spirit was able to quickly remove Tundra’s back line in the early fights giving Secret breathing room. But it was not enough as Nine and Saksa’s Tiny and Pangolier just ran down Secret heroes either tossing them back or rolling over them while the rest of the team quickly followed suit allowing them to finally gain the gold lead back.

    A last-ditch team fight from Secret in the 43rd minute would deny them the extra USD 6 million, as Tundra easily turned the fight around taking down four Secret heroes including Resolution and Nisha who did not have buybacks. From there Tundra would take down the mid barracks before proceeding to take down tier fours and the ancient to win TI 11.

    With the loss, Team Secret would go home with USD 2,460,764 or more than 143 million pesos.

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