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    Sat, Sep 30

    Team SMG shocks Fnatic in DPC SEA Tour III week 4

    A week full of sweeps in the Southeast Asian Dota scene
    by gab pe
    Jul 3, 2022

    TEAM SMG completed an upset last Saturday after they swept (2-0) Tour II champions Fnatic Saturday to end week four of the DPC SEA Tour III.

    It was a dominant game from Team SMG, who scored a quick 30-minute victory.

    Fnatic had control early in Game 1, finding early pick-offs across the map in the first 10 minutes. However, great macro plays gave the gold lead to the SMG as they managed to take down three towers by the 12th-minute mark.

    SMG’s aggressive pushing also nets them a 10k gold lead just before the 20-minute mark. Team SMG would go on to take the tier three towers on the mid and bot lanes, the barracks at the 26th-minute mark, and eventually the top a minute later.

    Fnatic would try a last-ditch team fight at the 29th minute, but SMG would quickly take out Armel’s Mar forcing him to commit a buyback. With the main engage out of Fnatic, SMG would take the last lane of barracks to force GGs out of SMG.


    Pinoy offlaner Raging Potato was also playing a great game on his Necrophos, earning himself a triple kill in the 23rd-minute mark and an 11/2/9 KDA in Game 1.

    Game 2 was even more of a stomp for SMG as they routed Fnatic in just 27 minutes. The Malaysia-based squad dominated Fnatic, going up 22 kills to 7. Fnatic’s first five kills were all earned before the 11-minute mark... After that, it was all SMG.

    Boom explodes on RSG

    Earlier in the day Boom Esports also swept RSG to return to the top of the DPC ladder.

    Boom started the series swing as they take game one in a dominant fashion, grabbing a 37 to 6 kill score and forcing the GGs in just 25 minutes.

    Game 2 looked like it was going to go in RSG’s favor as they constantly found picks-offs on Tim’s Clockwerk. A team fight in the 23rd minute saw the Singapore-based squad go up 10K as they take down three Boom heroes in a team fight on mid.

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    What turned the tide was a team fight in the 28th Minute as RSG managed to catch out Fbz and Skem in a Dark Willow Bramble Maze. But in was a trap as Boom took down RSG’s carry Ursa and mid lane Ember Spirit in the process. The fight also got them a free Roshan.

    RSG would strike back in the 37th minute as they punish eda messy Boom engage, taking down three heroes in the counter-engage.

    A skirmish for the second Roshan of the game in minute 39 saw Boom come out on top as Skem landed a huge Warlock ulti on RSG’s mid laner and carry, immediately taking them out and forcing buybacks. They would also take down the offlane Mars and Dark Willow to secure Roshan.

    With Aegis and Cheese, Boom would go on to take the mid lane and top lane barracks by the 42nd minute. A last-ditch RSG fight saw Boom down four RSG heroes, including the Ursa and Ember Spirit, who used their buybacks in the earlier fight. This forced RSG to tap out before the 43-minute mark.


    A week of sweeps

    In fact, it was a week of sweep in DPC SEA Division I with all of the series ending with a sweep.

    On Wednesday, RSG swept Nigma Galaxy SEA while Boom Esports swept Polaris Esports immediately after.

    Thursday’s match saw Talon come out on top of T1 with a sweep. It was redemption for Talon’s Thai carry, 23Savage, after sending his former teammates down to a 2-2 record.

    With two weeks left in Tour III, all eyes will be on the Fnatic vs Boom Esports series set on Saturday, a rematch of the two top squads in Tour II with the added bonus of an Arlington Major ticket.

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