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    Tue, Mar 21

    Risk Velkhana bounces back and secures MWI 2023 playoff spot

    Feb 7, 2023

    AFTER SUFFERING a loss at the hands of Indonesia’s GPX Basreng, Risk Velkhana bounced back and secured a 3-1 record in group B of the Mobile Legends Women's Invitational 2023, giving them their playoff berth.

    Wins against Vietnam's MDH Phoenix and Malaysia's THQ Ladies was the perfect momentum boost for the team.

    And to end on a high note, the Filipina representatives were able to make a statement over Singapore's Grayback Odyssey.

    A near comeback against GPX

    It was another showdown between the Philippines and Indonesia in the women's MLBB scene, and once again it was the Indonesian squad that prevailed.

    From the beginning, Risk was able to mount some solid counterattacks all thanks to JEWEL GOD's Lolita and Taro Taro Taro's Beatrix. The crowd control with the long range barrage eliminated key threats at the beginning.

    But as the match went on, GPX slowly inched their way given their lethal setups. The 11th minute saw Funi's Valentina stole the Lolita ult, which weakened Risk. Combined this with THALL's Khufra and LW's Terizla and the Indonesian squad had a crowd control bloodbath.

    These heroes were also a major threat in chokepoints, which was evident on the 13th minute, when Risk tried to contest the Lord.

    Things were going downhill for the Filipinos, which led to GPX trying their best to end the game only for them to be greeted by the combo of RAIN GOD's Xavier and Taro's Beatrix. The former managed to slow down the opposition, while the latter's damage output was too much.


    It was difficult for GPX to end the game and Risk nearly mounted a comeback until the final moments came where Chaincaaw was able to slay Shang. Eventually, the pieces crumbled and GPX managed to prevail in the grindfest.

    Bouncing back

    But the loss against GPX didn't affect the Filipinos as they managed to secure wins against MDH Phoenix and THQ Ladies.

    And in their final game against Grayback, Risk ended their group stage campaign with a victory.

    A strong start led by the setups from JEWEL GOD's Chou was the perfect way for the Filipino squad to mount their momentum and this was synergized well with RAIN GOD's Xavier. As the match went on, Taro and VENE GOD were slowly building up steam.

    However, a 9th minute blunder saw Grayback dismantling key pieces from Risk, but two minute later and Risk was able to capitalize on Grayback's overextension, ultimately leading to the final push to victory.

    With Risk entering the playoffs, both Filipina representatives have a chance to bring home the crown.

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