New to Call of Duty: Mobile? This streamer has tips for you

Oct 13, 2020

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If you’re not currently on Mobile Legends, there’s a good chance you’re playing Call of Duty: Mobile (CODM), which brings all the thrills of an action-packed first-person shooter game to our mobile screens. Since its release late last year, it’s been an addicting way to pass the time at home—especially if your goal is to top the leaderboards.

But mastering Activision’s iconic game can be tricky for new players. That’s why gamer Mirarah, who has been dominating this battle royale since she started streaming earlier this year, is here with some tactical advice for new players: 

Pick advanced mode control

Her first tip is to switch to advanced mode control so that you can get a hang of the settings and mechanics as soon as possible. “Most players, including those in higher ranks, use the same mode,” she says. “Familiarizing themselves with the controls is the most important thing to do first.” She also suggests customizing the button locations and sensitivity levels to what is comfortable for you. 

Practice your aim in warfare mode

Do you have trouble landing a perfect shot? Mirarah recommends perfecting your aim in the 20v20 warfare mode. According to her, this mode is also the perfect place to acquaint yourself with each playable class. 

Support your squad with the Airborne class

Mirarah believes that every CODM squad should have someone playing the Airborne class. “The AB (Airborne) is the designated ‘aerial scout.’ In my team, I play this role,” she states. “It allows me to navigate for my teammates, as well as to let them know the location of our enemies.” This class also lets her be a more effective team commander—after locating the enemy, she often has the team put the Defender in front to block the enemy’s line of sight while attacking. 

Join scrimmages

If you really want to up your game, give scrimmages a shot. “It’s where players experience the competitiveness of the game,” Mirarah explains. In scrimmages, players team up with their clanmates to go up against other clans. The top-performing clans receive in-game rewards every season. 

Play with your friends and clanmates

The best way to enjoy Call of Duty: Mobile is with your friends and clanmates. “I really love the community in CODM because most players are really supportive of each other,” she says. “Playing with my personal friends is more about enjoying and just having fun. Despite us getting killed early, we just brush it off and play another game.” Mirarah points out that playing with and strategizing with clanmates for scrimmages and tournaments are also highlights of the gaming experience. 

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