Even a game that was released in early 2020 was optimized for the latest iPhone. “The iPhone’s touchscreen has touch sample rate at 120hz. Most smartphones (and older iPhone models) run at 60hz,” said Simon Davis, CEO of Mighty Bear, the studio behind the fun-filled multiplayer battle royale, Butter Royale.

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Taking a light-hearted spin on the battle royale genre, Butter Royale swaps out traditional weapons for sweet, sour, and salty food. You not only need to race against time, but also pick smart fights against players around tricky terrain.

With a high touch sample rate, “this essentially allows the touchscreen to be twice as responsive as the competition, giving you an edge in online gameplay with faster response times, and feel generally ‘butter smooth’ when you’re out there on the Butterfield,” Simon explained.

The iPhone 12’s sensitive touch screen can be felt across all games. And sometimes, it may even be too much of a bonus considering how many times I’ve accidentally cast my ultimate in Wild Rift when I did not mean to. Or maybe I just have clumsy fingers.

My switch to the iPhone wasn’t just because it was new, but was also motivated by Wild Rift Open Beta’s release which coincided with the phone’s release. As a serious League of Legends player, excelling in Wild Rift was important to me.

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In fact, Riot Games had intentionally participated in the new iPhone launch “as it showcases the legacy of League in a new light, with the power of new tech and hardware that can really make Wild Rift shine.”

“It made sense for us to think about ways to showcase how Wild Rift can play on a state of the art device such as the iPhone 12,” said Riot. “The capabilities of newer phones combined with the advancement in 5G service is going to provide players of games on mobile devices a phenomenal experience."

Editor's Note: Other phones with 120hz refresh rates that are available in the Philippines include the Xiaomi Poco X3 (P10,990), OnePlus 8T (P29,990), Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition (P35,990), and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (P67,990).